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DREAM Act: April 10, 2006. This short documentary is based on Eunice’s experience speaking out on the importance of the DREAM Act to immigrant students during the historic April 10 Nationwide Day of Action for immigrant rights in Los Angeles. (2006)
ORAnGE Commercial (2006)



YouTube Channels of former participants

Summer Youth Empowerment 2010

Summer Youth Empowerment 2009

  • Dream Act Documentary
    Every year, 65,000 undocumented students graduate from U.S. high schools with very little hopes of pursuing their dreams and aspirations. By allowing these students to pursue a higher education, we are investing in the future of our country. Please help make the DREAM Act a reality!
  • Where's the Love? Music Video
    The students put together their observation of how the world is becoming more disintegrated about the society’s values in the music video (originally from “Where’s the Love” by Black Eyed Peas). It is a reminder that love and hope that will make the difference
  • Sorry Sorry Music Video
  • The Call
    This mock trailer is about the life of a teenage American girl whose life was completely changed by one phone call – she goes through a culture shock while trying to adjut to life in Korea.
  • Mock Trailer: Kill Green Card
    The plot of this mock trailer was inspired by the true story of an American citizen whose parents were deported to Korea for being

Summer Youth Empowerment 2008

Summer Youth Empowerment 2007

  • Two Homes, One Heart

Summer Youth Empowerment 2006

Mock Director Interviews

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