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Work Environment

KRC provides more than 6,000 units of service a year. Some of these services are specialized that are handled by designated staff, but when the service is a generic one, such as providing referral to a legal aid agency, all staff contribute in handling some of the tasks. While providing the services, KRC also educates and organizes community members.


A typical working day keeps staff and interns busy while handling phone and in-person service requests, team meetings and community outreach. It is a challenging environment, but at the same time a rewarding one!


KRC is a bilingual working environment – most of KRC staff are Korean speakers, as well as the community members served. Staff meetings are conducted in Korean, with English interpretation provided based on need, since some staff are English speakers. Meetings with other organizations or with NAKASEC may be conducted in English, with Korean interpretation as needed. Most print materials are provided bilingually. Interns and staff with proper proficiency in English as well as Korean may work on translating documents and educational materials from English to Korean.

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