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Below are ads from Let California Ring that tell the true stories of families strengthened by California’s newly married gay and lesbian couples. And what’s good for families is good for our communities. Click on the ads below for real stories from real families from all across California. They are available in English, Spanish, Korean, Cantonese/Mandarin, Japanese and Vietnamese - visit for the other languages.


Marriage is the basic building block of our family

My daughter Jennifer’s happiness means so much, especially on her wedding day. Before the banquet I pulled her wife Jeanne aside and gave her a necklace that has been in our family for generations. Tradition is important in our family…

it’s natural to feel a little uncertain. But they’ve been committed to each other for 14 years and we’ve invited Jeanne to participate in our family traditions, because that strengthens our family.


"Marriage is the basic building block of our family."
~Mrs. Lin. Her daughter Jennifer and Jeanne were married 8.8.08

Now my daughter and her partner can do the same

We knew Koko was the one for Margot when we met her. They met at the Lunar New Year parade, the Year of the Rat. Koko was wearing mouse ears and chatting with everyone.

She has always been open with us, and she and Margot love each other. My wife Teoto and I love seeing them taking care of one another, so happy together, year after year.

After 11 years as a couple, California finally allowed Margot and Koko to get legally married. We supported their marriage every step of the way – literally! Together, my wife and I walked Margot down the aisle. We are all family now and family matters so much.


“My wife and I have been married 50 years. Now my daughter and her partner can do the same”
~James Yapp, whose daughter Margot Yapp married Koko Lin, her partner of 11 years.

I told them the secret to a happy marriage

Now that California finally allows it, my son Alberto just married Jason. Alberto loves Jason, so I love Jason. He’s part of the family now.

After 25 years of marriage I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a marriage work, so I gave them some advice on their wedding day. You must listen to each other, and compromise with each other. You are there for better and for worse. I know they can build a strong marriage.

Alberto and Jason have the support of our family to help them along their road together.


"I told them the secret to a happy marriage."
~Eya Andrade, whose son Alberto recently married his partner Jason.

She’s one of the family

Jill easily fit into our family right from the start. We’re a big family— 30 altogether! Every Friday night, we all get together. My mom and dad cook a family meal and Jill squeezes in between Pauline and me at the dinner table. She’s not just Pauline’s partner—she’s one of the family.

In our culture, marriage means so much. We were thrilled when California at last let Jill and Pauline get married. The personal and legal commitments are important, but married couples also need to be supported by their family, friends, and the community. That’s why we support and celebrate their marriage.


"She’s one of the family"
~~Tessie Guillermo, whose sister Pauline (center) recently married her partner of eight years, Jill.

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