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Sung Il (Simon) Jun is a recent graduate of the New Roads School and will attend the University of California, Irvine as an incoming Freshman in the fall. His parents emigrated to the US from South Korea in 2001 on a visitor's visa. His parents applied for family petition in 2004 but with the backlogs they are still waiting to be approved. In the process, the Jun family fell out of status. Sung Il found out he was undocumented in 8th grade, but with the support of his middle school teacher, he was able to continue his post-secondary education at a private school. Now with the newly passed law in California, the CA DREAM Act, Sung Il is able to start his first year at UC Irvine. He wants to major in Business. He currently is a volunteer at the Korean Resource Center.

Sung Il (Simon) Jun

City, State: Los Angeles, CA

Why I’m riding: Being a part of the Dream Riders is an opportunity for me to share my life and advocate for immigration reform so that people like me and my parents don’t have to live in the shadows and live day to day in struggle.

While I’m riding, I hope people can support by: Sharing what you know and be willing to learn about immigration so that we can build a unified community and urge our elected officials to support comprehensive immigration reform.

My secret superpower: I have the awesome ability to never stop talking, especially about immigration reform.

Favorite quote: "Shoot for a star and hit a stump than shoot for a stump and miss." -Marcus Luttrell

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