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The Renter's Assistance Program allows a once-a-year payment from the State of California to qualified individuals based on part of the property taxes that they paid indirectly when they paid their rent. The maximum assistance payment allowed is $347.50. You may be eligible to file a 2004 claim for Renter Assistance if you are a United States citizen, designated alien or qualified alien when you file your claim and you met the following criteria on December 31, 2003:


▣ what is the eligibility? You were 62 years of age or older, blind, or disabled,

  • You lived in a qualified rented residence in California,
  • You paid $50.00 or more per month in rent on that residence, and
  • You had a total household income of $38,505, or less.


▣ Documents that are required

If you are U.S. citizen and receive SSI, you do not need to provide any document to prove. Otherwise, you have to provide proof of age or disability.

Applicant and spouse (if applied) should provide information below:

  • Name, Social Security Number, Date of birth, Address, Phone Number, (If applied) Legal Resident Card, Medi-Cal Card
  • Total amount of last year Income and sources (example: SSI, Social Security, CAPI, GR, Income tax return Form 1040)
  • Name, address and phone number of owner or manager you live last year

▣ Can I file an assistance claim that I live in public housing or senior housing?

You may eligible. If you live an apartment that paid for Property Tax you can claim. Ask your manager or owner for sure.

▣ Can I file an assistance claim if I live with my adult children?

You may eligible. If you pay rent to your adult children and they file income tax for rental payment, you will eligible.

▶ Do I have to pay for an assistance?

No. State of California provides free training and material to apply for assists. Also, they prohibit receiving any money from clients.


▶ Contact Call to California State HRA Program Hotline 1-800-338-0505 or visit website for more information.

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