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CiviCRM is a free and open source contacts database in active development, targeted to nonprofits in community organizing. PowerBase is a hosted CiviCRM service by the Progressive Technology Project. KRC started transitioning from CommSolution to PowerBase starting December of 2012, incorporating contact information and features over the course of 2013.

KRC Staff should head to the Intranet to find the login link.

Implementation notes and administrative tips are saved at the Database document.


Data Entry Standards

Download PDF version
  • Search: Always run a search first! Search by last name and address street
  • Name: If full name is present, write the full name under “First Name” even if the person has a middle name (This is because of the program’s limitations of not being to store full middle names)
  • Address
    • If you are unsure about the address, search for it on Google Maps and use the search suggestions to correct it.
    • Only keep a “#” sign for apt numbers; Delete any “Room”, “Apt”, “United”, “Suite”, etc.[1]
    • Use medium abbreviation, without a trailing dot (.). Other abbreviations: St for Street, Ave for Avenue, Pl for Place, Cir for Circle, Blvd for Boulevard. Full list of USPS recommended abbreviations
    • If ZIP code is not present look it up using Google Maps. If ZIP code is not present, that entry won't get used for analysis nor mailing. It will only be used for annual reports. Make your data entry time worthwhile!
    • Don’t abbreviate city names
  • Phone: Use hyphens between each number group Don’t use (323) XXX-XXXX or dots (.)

Reference: Keeping Your Database Clean from the Start (Progressive Technology)

2014 Fundraiser Email Template

2014 One Day Diner Phone Calls

  1. Login to PowerBase
  2. Search -> Find Participants
  3. Event Name: Type "One", select
  4. Participant Status: Invited
  5. Search
  6. Scroll to bottom and choose "Rows per page: 25"
  7. Top left box
  8. Actions -> Batch Update Participants via Profile
  9. Update Event Invite Responses

How to print mailing labels

  1. Bring up the desired list via search. Usually you will have a custom "group" you regularly mail to (annual membership members, CHP members, etc)
  2. Select all records
  3. Under -actions-, select Mailing Labels
  4. Use the default settings.
  5. You will have a PDF file that can be now printed.

How to record press pitch call information

This information was moved to Media Outreach

2013 Fundraiser Instructions

How to update sponsorship prospects

  1. Menu -> Search -> Advanced Search
  2. Display results: Event participants; Group: my name; (ES & DJ also need to separate Contact Type: Individual/Organization - do this once for each)
  3. All x records -> Batch Update via Profile
  4. Calls: Event Sponsorship
    • Enter: Invitation date, Method
    • Use the paste icon to paste down
  5. Click the "Update" button at the bottom to save. Unlike Google Docs this won't save automatically!

Invitation date Method

  • Use the paste icon to paste down

How to batch update contact information

  1. Menu -> Search -> Advanced Search
  2. Group: my name;
  3. All x records -> Batch Update via Profile
  4. Update Phone & Email and/or Address
  5. Make edits
  6. Click the "update" button

How to update contact information individually

  1. Menu -> Search -> Advanced Search
  2. Group: my name;
  3. Click on the org you want to edit
  4. Most information is in the front page.
  5. Event attendance information is under "Events" tab


  1. This is not ideal, but is most efficient given KRC's data quality.
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