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How to use KRC's Polycom Soundstation EX (Conference Phone)

  1. Get the machine
  2. Find a room with a phone plug that is set to pick up automatically*, preferably; so that you may receive incoming calls as well.
  3. Plug the AC adapter to a power outlet
  4. There's two cables coming out of the AC adapter. Plug the thick/wide cable to the main machine at the bottom - plug it in the big port that is kind of hidden inside a hole.
  5. Plug the thin/narrow cable to the phone line or phone plug.
    1. If plugging to another phone line, use the female-female extension that is taped to the thin cable.
    2. If plugging to a phone plug, plug the cable directly.
  6. soundstation-ex-pods_small.jpg
    (Optional) Depending on the number of people in attendance, add extension mics
    1. The machine on its own should handle 4-6 people.
    2. For every other group of 4-6 people, add an extension mic and place the mic near those people. We have 2 extension mics.
    3. The mics can be attached to the main machine via either of the 2 holes at the bottom
  7. Press On/Off
  8. Dial 9, 1 and the phone number to be called.
  9. After the call is done, press On/Off to hang up.
  • Some lines at KRC are set to connect with incoming calls the moment you pick up the phone, and in some they are not set to connect automatically, and need you to press the line button. Using the ones that pick up automatically will let you get incoming calls, if there is a need for that. For one, the phone line at KRC's Cultural Room connects incominng calls automatically.
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