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Folder Listing

This is a summary of folders for use in the near future when we carry out serious reorganizing of our photos.

4-30 Change Takes Courage Town Hall Video
1998\Summer Young Adults Program
1998\Summer Young Adults Program\Democratic Movement
2001\2000 01 JaeDuck's Pix
2001\2000 08 anti bush DNC
2001\2001 01 Wedding
2001\2001 02 직업창출과 보건의료 집회
2001\2001 02 합동회의사진
2001\2001 03 245i설명회
2001\2001 03 선거기자회견
2001\2001 04 245i 연장캠페인기자회견
2001\2001 04 일본영사관앞시위
2001\2001 05 518민중항쟁
2001\2001 05 CAPI Signature Campaign
2001\2001 05 CAPI 연장시위
2001\2001 05 이민자의 날 행사
2001\2001 05 정기 무료 법률 상담
2001\2001 05 정만수 이주영 장학금 시상식
2001\2001 05 친일경력자 기자회견
2001\2001 06 15 1주년 기념식
2001\2001 06 2번째 일본영사관앞시위
2001\2001 07 summer camp
2001\2001 07 summer camp_2
2001\2001 07 위안부소송시위
2001\2001 08 hwamins birthday
2001\2001 09 SF Rally
2001\2001 10 민족학교도서장터
2001\2001 10 식구사진
2001\2001 KRC young people
2002\2002 02 dominican rep
2002\2002 02 free tax clinic press conf
2002\2002 02 jishin balpgi
2002\2002 03 lake arrowhead mt
2002\2002 04 coalition soccer
2002\2002 05 mayday
2002\2002 06 deathvally
2002\2002 07 17 Dream Act washington dc
2002\2002 07 Capi_press
2002\2002 08 Hannuri Class
2002\Aug 19 2002 CDROM
2003\2003 02 cerritos council openhouse
2003\2003 02 citycouncil
2003\2003 05 centennial committee visit KRC
2003\2003 05 trip
2003\2003 06 13
2003\2003 06 korea peace campaign
2003\2003 08 trip
2003\2003_july_30_misc\뿌리학교 발표회
2003\2003_july_30_misc\스티브 졸업식
2004\01 IRP
2004\02 Service
2004\03 Health Rights
2004\04 Education
2004\05 Culture
2004\06 Other
2004\07 Election
2004\08 YKU
2004\09 Personal
2004\2004 One Day Tea House
2004\Dream Act
2004\KRC activities
2004\summer program 1st week
2004\summer program orientation
2004\01 IRP\04.19-20.04 Washington
2004\01 IRP\05.17.04 Immigrant Day
2004\01 IRP\06-08-04 Seminar
2004\01 IRP\10-26-04 Town Hall Meeting
2004\01 IRP\2004_08_10 Catheral of pur lady of angels
2004\01 IRP\4.20.Washington D.C
2004\01 IRP\DREAM Act
2004\01 IRP\DREAM Act Press Conference 4.14.04
2004\01 IRP\Immigrant Rights Project
2004\01 IRP\Senior Citizen Meeting on IRP (Budget Cuts)
2004\01 IRP\State Budget Cut Campaign
2004\01 IRP\05.17.04 Immigrant Day\immigrant day - carol
2004\01 IRP\05.17.04 Immigrant Day\immigrant day - yeon sook
2004\01 IRP\DREAM Act\2004 DREAM Fast Vigil
2004\01 IRP\DREAM Act\2004 DREAM Fast Vigil\Day 1
2004\01 IRP\DREAM Act\2004 DREAM Fast Vigil\Day 3
2004\01 IRP\DREAM Act\2004 DREAM Fast Vigil\Day 5
2004\01 IRP\DREAM Act\2004 DREAM Fast Vigil\Day 7
2004\01 IRP\DREAM Act\2004 DREAM Fast Vigil\Day 9
2004\01 IRP\Immigrant Rights Project\2003 Mid-Year Budget Cut Press Conference and Hearing
2004\01 IRP\Immigrant Rights Project\Dream Act event in O.C
2004\01 IRP\Immigrant Rights Project\DREAM Act Petition @ OMC 3.21.04
2004\01 IRP\Immigrant Rights Project\DREAM Act Petition Outreach
2004\01 IRP\Immigrant Rights Project\DREAM Act Press Conference 1.29.04
2004\01 IRP\Immigrant Rights Project\Immigrants Day Press Conference and Rally 01.15.04
2004\01 IRP\Immigrant Rights Project\Monthly Volunteer Meeting
2004\01 IRP\Immigrant Rights Project\Senior Citizen Meeting on IRP (Budget Cuts)
2004\01 IRP\Immigrant Rights Project\Sorting DREAM Act petitions
2004\01 IRP\Immigrant Rights Project\DREAM Act Petition Outreach\HanNam Chain
2004\01 IRP\Immigrant Rights Project\DREAM Act Petition Outreach\St. Basil Catholic Center
2004\01 IRP\Immigrant Rights Project\Monthly Volunteer Meeting\February
2004\02 Service\04.19-20 Washington Dream Act
2004\02 Service\08-10-04 Raids Forum
2004\02 Service\Social Services
2004\02 Service\Social Services\One Day Health Clinic 4.10.04
2004\03 Health Rights\03.30.04 기자회견
2004\03 Health Rights\2nd health day
2004\03 Health Rights\3.30.04 기자회견
2004\03 Health Rights\4.10.04 Health Day
2004\03 Health Rights\7.06.04 2nd Health Day Press Conference
2004\03 Health Rights\Fish Project
2004\03 Health Rights\2nd health day\104NIKON
2004\03 Health Rights\2nd health day\CANONMSC
2004\04 Education\01 Roots School
2004\04 Education\02 Summer Project
2004\04 Education\sep pic '04 joel
2004\04 Education\01 Roots School\2004 Roots Program
2004\04 Education\01 Roots School\6.19.04 the graduation of roots school
2004\04 Education\01 Roots School\Root School 2004
2004\04 Education\01 Roots School\Roots School
2004\04 Education\01 Roots School\Root School 2004\root school
2004\04 Education\01 Roots School\Root School 2004\뿌리학교
2004\04 Education\01 Roots School\Root School 2004\root school\graduation
2004\04 Education\01 Roots School\Root School 2004\root school\graduation\root school backgroud
2004\04 Education\01 Roots School\Root School 2004\뿌리학교\뿌리학교 아이들
2004\04 Education\02 Summer Project\2004 Summer Empowerment Project
2004\04 Education\02 Summer Project\2004_08_11
2004\04 Education\02 Summer Project\2004_08_12
2004\04 Education\02 Summer Project\2004_08_15
2004\04 Education\02 Summer Project\6.30.04 Summer Program-Night Program
2004\04 Education\02 Summer Project\sep pic '04 joel
2004\04 Education\02 Summer Project\Slide Show
2004\05 Culture\Culture
2004\05 Culture\hae ma ji
2004\05 Culture\HanNuRi performance
2004\05 Culture\Rally & March
2004\05 Culture\Culture\hae ma ji 01.01.04
2004\05 Culture\Culture\HanNuRi performance
2004\05 Culture\Culture\jishin balpgi
2004\05 Culture\Culture\jishin balpgi\지신밟기04년
2004\05 Culture\Rally & March\01-15-04 Budget Cut Rally
2004\05 Culture\Rally & March\08-09-04 Detainee Rally
2004\05 Culture\Rally & March\10-16-04 Immigrant Rights March
2004\06 Other\2004_08_02 Softball match
2004\06 Other\2004_08_03 ingun & danny
2004\06 Other\Fundraiser
2004\06 Other\KRC People
2004\06 Other\One Day Tea House 12.18.03
2004\06 Other\Others
2004\06 Other\Staff
2004\06 Other\Fundraiser\One Day Tea House 12.18.03
2004\06 Other\Fundraiser\One Day Tea House 12.18.03\197CANON
2004\06 Other\Fundraiser\One Day Tea House 12.18.03\tea house B
2004\06 Other\One Day Tea House 12.18.03\197CANON
2004\06 Other\One Day Tea House 12.18.03\tea house B
2004\06 Other\Others\Budget Cut Picket Making
2004\06 Other\Others\Past Activities
2004\06 Other\Others\Past Activities\education
2004\06 Other\Others\Past Activities\inbo hyung
2004\06 Other\Others\Past Activities\irp
2004\06 Other\Others\Past Activities\voter education
2004\07 Election\10-16-04 Election Preparation
2004\07 Election\Korean Festival
2004\07 Election\krc 2004년 예비선거 기자회견
2004\07 Election\Press Conference for Primaries
2004\08 YKU\05.15.04 May 18 기념식
2004\08 YKU\08-06-04 YKU Open House
2004\08 YKU\No War
2004\09 Personal\mihee & julie
2005\02 Election
2005\03 Health Rights
2005\04 Education
2005\05 Social Services
2005\06 Culture
2005\07 Website
2005\08 Tea House
2005\09 NAKASEC
2005\10 YKU
2005\11 Senior Housing
2005\12 Personal
2005\13 etc
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\03 Immigrant Day
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\04 Enforcement
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\01 Meeting
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\02 Press Conference
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\03 Outreach
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\04 Fundraising
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\01 Meeting\신문광고 1995
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\01 Meeting\추진위모임 08.04
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\01 Meeting\추진위모임 08.05
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\02 Press Conference\CHIRLA 공동기자회견 08.27
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\02 Press Conference\CIR press conferece 2005
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\02 Press Conference\CIR 신문광고 기자회견 10.19
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\02 Press Conference\가두기자회견 08.05
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\02 Press Conference\모금 뉴스타부동산 08.31
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\03 Outreach\Labor-Day 09.05
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\03 Outreach\가두모금 07.30
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\03 Outreach\가두모금 라디오코리아 08.15
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\03 Outreach\가두모금 오렌지카운티 08.06
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\03 Outreach\김희복 할머니 모금
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\03 Outreach\휴스턴모금
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\01 CIR\04 Fundraising\happy hour 09.15
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\Press Conference
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\설명회 08.05
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta\Video Part #2
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta\드림페스타 08.26
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta\드림페스타 기자회견 08.19
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta\드림페스타 준비
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta\Video Part #2\Border
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta\Video Part #2\Civil Liberties
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta\Video Part #2\Did you know
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta\Video Part #2\DREAM Act
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta\Video Part #2\Families
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta\Video Part #2\Immigration Reform and Welfare Reform Laws
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta\Video Part #2\Proposition 187
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta\Video Part #2\REAL ID
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\DreamFesta\Video Part #2\Workers
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\02 DREAM Act\Press Conference\11.30.05
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\03 Immigrant Day\Bass
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\03 Immigrant Day\Cedillo
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\03 Immigrant Day\Chu
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\03 Immigrant Day\General
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\03 Immigrant Day\Goldberg
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\03 Immigrant Day\Indivisual pic
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\03 Immigrant Day\Kuehl
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\03 Immigrant Day\Nunez
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\03 Immigrant Day\rally
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\03 Immigrant Day\Ridley-Thomas
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\03 Immigrant Day\준비모임
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\03 Immigrant Day\Cedillo\Hee J. & Mark Team
2005\01_Immigrant_Rights\05_sensenbrenner\good photo
2005\02 Election\a3pcon회의 10.22
2005\02 Election\Beverly 양로보건센터 Workshop10.12
2005\02 Election\May City Election 2005 & Nov.8 Special Elction voter assistance
2005\02 Election\Pico양로보건센터 유권자등록 10.21
2005\02 Election\UCLA Workshop 10.20
2005\02 Election\나성양로보건센터 10.26
2005\02 Election\밸리양로보건센터 10.25
2005\02 Election\아시아단체 기자회견 10.18
2005\02 Election\어르신 Workshop 10.14
2005\02 Election\특별선거 기자회견 09.27
2005\02 Election\특별선거 기자회견 10.03
2005\02 Election\특별선거 기자회견 11.04
2005\02 Election\특별선거 발송작업 10.04~07
2005\02 Election\한국의날 부스 09.22~25
2005\02 Election\Beverly 양로보건센터 Workshop10.12\Workshop
2005\02 Election\May City Election 2005 & Nov.8 Special Elction voter assistance\05 LA CITY ELCTION GUIDE
2005\02 Election\May City Election 2005 & Nov.8 Special Elction voter assistance\for-pdf
2005\03 Health Rights\Fish project 2005
2005\03 Health Rights\health day 2005
2005\03 Health Rights\madicare D
2005\03 Health Rights\Press Conference
2005\03 Health Rights\Fish project 2005\Presentation 05.06
2005\03 Health Rights\Fish project 2005\text자료
2005\03 Health Rights\Fish project 2005\청소년 자료준비
2005\03 Health Rights\Fish project 2005\한국의날 부스
2005\03 Health Rights\Fish project 2005\text자료\2004년 자료
2005\03 Health Rights\Fish project 2005\text자료\사진들
2005\03 Health Rights\health day 2005\건강의날 10.15
2005\03 Health Rights\health day 2005\건강의날 7.30
2005\03 Health Rights\health day 2005\기자회견 6.28
2005\03 Health Rights\health day 2005\기자회견 9.29
2005\03 Health Rights\madicare D\설명회 11.9
2005\04 Education\computer class
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\04-09-05
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\05 Roots Program Slideshow
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\05.03.24독도
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\art class
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\field trip
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\lunch time
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\Teacher's pix
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\yearbook
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\공동체 놀이
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\한글반
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\05 Roots Program Slideshow\redos
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\field trip\정건이외 사진들
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\yearbook\Activities
2005\04 Education\Root School 2005\yearbook\StudentArt
2005\05 Social Services\LITC 2005
2005\05 Social Services\LITC 2005\기자회견 01.31
2005\06 Culture\mayday march 2005
2005\06 Culture\rally 2005
2005\06 Culture\송년회 12.29.05
2005\06 Culture\카라센풍물 10.22
2005\06 Culture\rally 2005\04.04
2005\06 Culture\rally 2005\06.27
2005\06 Culture\rally 2005\06.30
2005\06 Culture\rally 2005\의료 08.15
2005\06 Culture\rally 2005\정신대 08.10
2005\07 Website\07 Website Pictures
2005\07 Website\main
2005\07 Website\web sources-CD
2005\07 Website\노인
2005\07 Website\보건소
2005\07 Website\봉사
2005\07 Website\어린이
2005\07 Website\언어지원
2005\07 Website\웹사이트사진
2005\07 Website\응급메디칼
2005\07 Website\임산부
2005\07 Website\07 Website Pictures\immigrantday04
2005\07 Website\07 Website Pictures\KRC 플래시용 Front Page
2005\07 Website\07 Website Pictures\New Folder
2005\07 Website\07 Website Pictures\Summer Youth
2005\07 Website\07 Website Pictures\문화
2005\07 Website\07 Website Pictures\의료권익
2005\07 Website\07 Website Pictures\이민자 권익
2005\07 Website\07 Website Pictures\캘리포니아 이민자 권익
2005\07 Website\web sources-CD\About Us
2005\07 Website\web sources-CD\picture
2005\07 Website\web sources-CD\교육활동
2005\07 Website\web sources-CD\긴급 캠페인
2005\07 Website\web sources-CD\문화패 한누리
2005\07 Website\web sources-CD\민족학교 소개
2005\07 Website\web sources-CD\봉사활동
2005\07 Website\web sources-CD\선거참여 교육활동
2005\07 Website\web sources-CD\의료보건 권리활동
2005\07 Website\web sources-CD\이민자 권익옹호활동
2005\07 Website\봉사\immigrantion
2005\07 Website\봉사\social services general
2005\07 Website\봉사\welfare
2005\08 Tea House\D-Day
2005\08 Tea House\Tea house set up
2005\08 Tea House\Tea house-yy
2005\09 NAKASEC\nakasec
2005\09 NAKASEC\ys
2005\09 NAKASEC\시카고
2005\09 NAKASEC\시카고 만찬 - 재덕 카메라
2005\09 NAKASEC\시카고 만찬 - 재덕 카메라\2005_10_28
2005\09 NAKASEC\시카고 만찬 - 재덕 카메라\2005_10_29
2005\09 NAKASEC\시카고 만찬 - 재덕 카메라\2005_10_30
2005\10 YKU\may18 2005
2005\12 Personal\Kimchi day(11.11)
2005\12 Personal\기타
2005\12 Personal\민족학교사람들
2005\12 Personal\자원활동가
2005\12 Personal\기타\Ahn Mark
2005\12 Personal\기타\Housing Project
2005\12 Personal\기타\문서스캔
2005\12 Personal\기타\Ahn Mark\KoreAm
2005\12 Personal\기타\문서스캔\메디칼서류스캔
2005\12 Personal\기타\문서스캔\서명용지
2005\12 Personal\민족학교사람들\big bear mt
2005\12 Personal\민족학교사람들\heejoo
2005\12 Personal\민족학교사람들\big bear mt\big bear
2005\12 Personal\민족학교사람들\heejoo\3-25Rally.files
2005\12 Personal\민족학교사람들\heejoo\5-29-06Venice Beach
2005\12 Personal\민족학교사람들\heejoo\Jaekyung&me.files
2005\12 Personal\자원활동가\자원활동가 모임 10.08
2005\13 etc\eFax Messenger 4.0
2005\13 etc\filelib
2005\13 etc\Joshua's stuff
2005\13 etc\My Music
2005\13 etc\My Pictures
2005\13 etc\네이트온 받은 파일
2005\13 etc\filelib\jessterc15
2005\13 etc\My Music\iTunes
2005\13 etc\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music
2005\13 etc\My Pictures\Adobe
2005\13 etc\My Pictures\Adobe\Digital Camera Photos
2005\13 etc\My Pictures\Adobe\Outgoing E-mail Attachments
2005\13 etc\My Pictures\Adobe\Scanned Photos
2006\2 Social Services
2006\5 Voter Empowerment
2006\6 Youth Organizing
2006\Donghyun's House
2006\11_Housing\10-13 Gentrification Forum
2006\1_Health_Access\01.13 Medicare D press conference
2006\1_Health_Access\02.22 Medicare D Workshop
2006\1_Health_Access\03.04 health care public hearing
2006\1_Health_Access\10-16 CIWC Training
2006\1_Health_Access\10-20 Community Health Promoters Meeting
2006\1_Health_Access\10-24 Medicare Survey
2006\1_Health_Access\10-25 Medicare Part D Press Conference
2006\1_Health_Access\10-7 Health Day
2006\1_Health_Access\11-15 Kingsley Medicare D
2006\1_Health_Access\11-17 CHP
2006\1_Health_Access\11-21 joongang medicare d seminar
2006\1_Health_Access\3.23.06 HAP API media event
2006\1_Health_Access\4.20 Medicare D Seminar
2006\1_Health_Access\4.25 Medicare D Seminar
2006\1_Health_Access\5.17. 06 Immigrant Day Meeting
2006\1_Health_Access\5.6 CHW first meeting
2006\1_Health_Access\5.6.06 first meeting
2006\1_Health_Access\7.1 Health Day
2006\1_Health_Access\8-30 Third Community Health Workers Meeting
2006\1_Health_Access\9-15 Community Health Promoters Meeting
2006\2 Social Services\02.02 Tax Clinic press conference
2006\2 Social Services\4.15 Tax
2006\2 Social Services\9-7
2006\2 Social Services\Cityride
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\01.07 minute man rally
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\02.09 RNC&DNC rally
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\02.15 Feinstein Rally
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.10 Chicago Immigrant Rally
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.25 LA Immigrant Rally
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.26 LA Immigrant Rally
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.27 DC Immigrant Rally
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\04.01 코스타메사 Rally
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\4.10 Downtown Rally
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\5.1.06 May Day Rally
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\6.9 AB540 Workshop
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\8-14 Public Hearing
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\9-21 ESL Civics Class
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\9-4 Labor Day Breakfast
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\9-4 Labor Day Mass
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\9-6 Rally Outreach LA High
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\9-9 Latino Congreso
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Democracy Summer 06
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Immigrant Day
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Media Coverage
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Picture Postcard Campaign
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Press Conference
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\코리아저널 이경준 기자 사진 5.1.06
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.10 Chicago Immigrant Rally\Becky
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.10 Chicago Immigrant Rally\cut
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.10 Chicago Immigrant Rally\DJ
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.10 Chicago Immigrant Rally\shapes
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.10 Chicago Immigrant Rally\cut\to SY
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.25 LA Immigrant Rally\03.20~ LA Immigrant Rally Preparation
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.25 LA Immigrant Rally\3.17 no HR4437 Press Conference
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.25 LA Immigrant Rally\3.23 no HR 4437 press conference
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.25 LA Immigrant Rally\3.28 Immigrant Press Conference
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\03.25 LA Immigrant Rally\Media사진
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\4.10 Downtown Rally\04.03 410 Rally 준비모임
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\4.10 Downtown Rally\04.07.2006 CHIRLA
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\4.10 Downtown Rally\4.4 Press Conference
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\4.10 Downtown Rally\To Morna
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\5.1.06 May Day Rally\4.18 단체장회의 KRC
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\5.1.06 May Day Rally\4.24 Conference
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\5.1.06 May Day Rally\4.27 market
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\5.1.06 May Day Rally\5.1.06 May Day March
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\5.1.06 May Day Rally\5.3
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\5.1.06 May Day Rally\4.27 market\MISC
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Democracy Summer 06\7-1-06 Naturalization Day
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Democracy Summer 06\7-13-06 Volunteer Training
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Democracy Summer 06\7-28 Volunteer Appreciation
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Democracy Summer 06\7.1.06 Citizenship Day Press confe
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Democracy Summer 06\7.15.06 Clinic
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Democracy Summer 06\8-12 Naturalization Clinic
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Democracy Summer 06\Picture Postcard Campaign
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Democracy Summer 06\7.15.06 Clinic\postcard
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Democracy Summer 06\7.15.06 Clinic\postcard\Postcard Pictures for Printing
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Immigrant Day\5.17 Meeting
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Immigrant Day\5.21-22 Sacramento
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Immigrant Day\6.2 Evaluation
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Immigrant Day\최도식
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Immigrant Day\5.21-22 Sacramento\Sacramento
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Immigrant Day\5.21-22 Sacramento\Team 1
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Immigrant Day\5.21-22 Sacramento\Team 2
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Immigrant Day\5.21-22 Sacramento\Team 3
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Immigrant Day\5.21-22 Sacramento\Team 4
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Immigrant Day\5.21-22 Sacramento\Team 1\New Folder
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Picture Postcard Campaign\07-24 Packaging Postcards
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Picture Postcard Campaign\08-11 Postcard Assembling
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Picture Postcard Campaign\7-27 Postcard Campaign Launch Press Conference
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Press Conference\5.10 Press Conference
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Press Conference\5.11 Press Conference
2006\4_Immigrant_Rights\Press Conference\6.5 AB540 Workshop PRess Conference
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(09-21-06) Korea Town Festival-first day
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(09-22-06) Naturalization Ceremony at L.A Convention Center
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(09-23-06) Korea Town Festival-Parade
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(10-10-06) Mass Mailing
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(10-18-06) Election Press Conference
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(10-19-06) Election Guidebook outreach at Hanmi Bank
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(10-21-06) Voter Registration Campaign
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(10-24-06) Beverly 양로 보건 센터
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(10-30-06) 740 S.Olive st.선거 워크샵
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(10-31-06) Press Conference - Inca Vote Plus
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(11-03-06) APALC Exit poll training
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(11-04-06) Precinct Walking on Saturday
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\10-10 Mass Mailing
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\10-16 Mass Mailing
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\10-18 Press Conference
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\10-19 Election Guide book Outreach at Hanmi Bank
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\10-21 Mass Voter Registration Event
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\10-24 Beverly 양로보건센터
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\10-31 Inka Vote Plus Press Conference
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\11-9 APALC Press Conference
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\11-9 WAAC Press Conference
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\5-31 APALC Phonebanking
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\6.6 Primaries Polling Site
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\8-16 Voter Focus Group
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\9-14 Community Meeting
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\9-15 Elections Planning Mtg
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\9-15 Voter Registration
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\9-21 K-Town Festival
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\9-23 K-Town Festival
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\9-5 Elections Press Conference
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(10-31-06) Press Conference - Inca Vote Plus\Halloween Costume
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(11-03-06) APALC Exit poll training\(11-03-06) Hollywood Day care center
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\(11-04-06) Precinct Walking on Saturday\(11-04-06) Donghyun's House at night
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\10-18 Press Conference\Video
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\9-23 K-Town Festival\K-Town Parade
2006\5 Voter Empowerment\9-23 K-Town Festival\K-Town Parade\Video
2006\6 Youth Organizing\(12.27~29.06) ORAnGE Retreat
2006\6 Youth Organizing\10-12 ORAnGe Elections
2006\6 Youth Organizing\10-15 New Orleans Fundraiser
2006\6 Youth Organizing\10-18 ORAnGE Meeting
2006\6 Youth Organizing\10-23 APYON
2006\6 Youth Organizing\10-25 ORAnGE Meeting
2006\6 Youth Organizing\11-22 ORAnGE meeting
2006\6 Youth Organizing\11-8 ORanGE Meeting
2006\6 Youth Organizing\12-27-06 ORAnGE Retreat
2006\6 Youth Organizing\4.21~23 Phenix
2006\6 Youth Organizing\5.12 ORANGE Night
2006\6 Youth Organizing\8-17-06 Summer Graduation and New Orleans Fundraiser
2006\6 Youth Organizing\Digital Story
2006\6 Youth Organizing\from Yongho's (new) computer
2006\6 Youth Organizing\New Orleans Trip August 06
2006\6 Youth Organizing\Summer Empowerment
2006\6 Youth Organizing\10-15 New Orleans Fundraiser\Video
2006\6 Youth Organizing\from Yongho's (new) computer\Carollll[=
2006\6 Youth Organizing\from Yongho's (new) computer\Deborah CHOII XD
2006\6 Youth Organizing\from Yongho's (new) computer\edwardsdailyreport
2006\6 Youth Organizing\from Yongho's (new) computer\~Elizabeth Heo~
2006\6 Youth Organizing\from Yongho's (new) computer\Carollll[=\Daily Report
2006\6 Youth Organizing\from Yongho's (new) computer\Carollll[=\DREAM act
2006\6 Youth Organizing\from Yongho's (new) computer\Carollll[=\summer program
2006\6 Youth Organizing\from Yongho's (new) computer\Deborah CHOII XD\Daily Report
2006\6 Youth Organizing\from Yongho's (new) computer\Deborah CHOII XD\Dream Act
2006\6 Youth Organizing\New Orleans Trip August 06\08-08 Press Conference
2006\6 Youth Organizing\New Orleans Trip August 06\08-09 Market Outreach
2006\6 Youth Organizing\New Orleans Trip August 06\08-10 Market Outreach
2006\6 Youth Organizing\New Orleans Trip August 06\Solidarity Delegation
2006\6 Youth Organizing\New Orleans Trip August 06\Solidarity Delegation\8-24-06 Immigrant Worker Rallty Video
2006\6 Youth Organizing\Summer Empowerment\press conference 6.12
2006\6 Youth Organizing\Summer Empowerment\SANTA MONICA
2006\7_YKU\5-20 May 18th
2006\7_YKU\8-5 YKU KAPJ Meeting
2006\8_Culture\1-1 New Year
2006\8_Culture\2-11 JiShinBalpGi
2006\8_Culture\5-3 Dodgers
2006\9_Solidarity\12-12 LAX Westin Hotel Workers Vigil
2006\9_Solidarity\6.2 South Central Farmers Vigil
2006\9_Solidarity\8-29 Katrina Rally
2006\9_Solidarity\8-30 Voting Rights March
2006\9_Solidarity\8-31 Middle East Community Forum
2006\9_Solidarity\9-28 Hotel Workers Civil Disobedience
2006\9_Solidarity\Katrina Trip June Summer
2006\9_Solidarity\8-30 Voting Rights March\Video
2006\9_Solidarity\9-28 Hotel Workers Civil Disobedience\Video
2006\Internal\(09-16-06) APAWF Dinner
2006\Internal\(10-08-06) Hanbong Yoon at Inbo's house
2006\Internal\(11-13-06) After Working Drinking
2006\Internal\(11-14-06) Banquet Meeting
2006\Internal\(12-05-06) Wilshire United Methodist Church
2006\Internal\(12-06-06) Rehearsal of Annual Dinner
2006\Internal\(12.16.06) Goodbye
2006\Internal\(12.17 ~19.06) Retreat
2006\Internal\04.03 JnY Fare well
2006\Internal\04.03 김지하시인 강연회
2006\Internal\08-16-06 APOLLO Kickoff
2006\Internal\10-17 Stove
2006\Internal\10-18 KRC Staff Meeting
2006\Internal\10-4 Food Task Force
2006\Internal\10-5 KRC Surroundings
2006\Internal\10-8 Yoon Han Bong
2006\Internal\11-14 Anniversary Meeting
2006\Internal\11-3 Anniversary Meeting
2006\Internal\12-8 Anniversary Dinner
2006\Internal\4.15 박형선
2006\Internal\4.18 일수 생일
2006\Internal\5-13 Korean American Federation Elections
2006\Internal\5.18.2006 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
2006\Internal\5.29.2006 Venice Beach
2006\Internal\9-1-06 Staff Meeting
2006\Internal\9-27 Song Practice - To Live on This Land
2006\Internal\9-29 YKASEC NAKASEC Dinner
2006\Internal\(12.17 ~19.06) Retreat\Mina's Camera
2006\Internal\5-13 Korean American Federation Elections\12-17-06 Retreat
2006\Internal\5.18.2006 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month\MISC
2006\Internal\Staff\4.24.Irene's Birthday
2006\NAKASEC\01.26 NAKASEC&Affiliate Retreat
2006\NAKASEC\08-18-06 Brandon Lee's Last day
2006\Visual_Communication\02.17 Staff visual communication
2006\Visual_Communication\03.10~03.31 visual communication
2006\Visual_Communication\4.19 visual communication
2007\1 Health Access
2007\11 Housing
2007\2 Social Services
2007\3 Education
2007\4 Immigrant Rights
2007\5 Voter Empowerment
2007\6 Youth Organizing
2007\7 YKU
2007\8 Culture
2007\1 Health Access\10-18 Health Reform Vigil
2007\1 Health Access\10-26 CHP Meeting
2007\1 Health Access\10-6 Health Day
2007\1 Health Access\11-3 Colon Rectal Cancer Seminar
2007\1 Health Access\11-30 CHP mtg
2007\1 Health Access\11-9 Medi-Cal Language Access Campaign Press Conference
2007\1 Health Access\5-18 Immigrant Day Press Conference
2007\1 Health Access\5-18 Immigrant Day Training
2007\1 Health Access\5-20 Immigrant Day Training
2007\1 Health Access\5-21 Immigrant Day
2007\1 Health Access\9-5 Health Day Press Conference
2007\1 Health Access\CHP
2007\1 Health Access\CHP Meetings
2007\1 Health Access\CHP Meetings\02.02.07 CHP Meeting
2007\1 Health Access\CHP Meetings\2.23.07 CHP Meeting
2007\11 Housing\5-9 Hearing on Conditions
2007\11 Housing\9-26 API Meeting with Gail Goldberg LA Planning Director
2007\2 Social Services\2-6 Tax Clinic Press Conference
2007\2 Social Services\5-19 Naturalization Clinic
2007\2 Social Services\6-25 Naturalization Drive Press Conference
2007\3 Education\3-21 Fish Press Conference
2007\3 Education\6-14 CreditSmart Asian Press Conference
2007\3 Education\6-20 Summer Youth Empowerment Press conference
2007\3 Education\7-11 K W Lee Center Student Visit
2007\3 Education\7-19 SYEP Dream Postcard Outreach
2007\3 Education\7-26 Immigration History Study Group
2007\3 Education\7-26 SYEP DREAM Postcard Outreach Hannam
2007\3 Education\7-30 SYEP Documentary class
2007\3 Education\7-30 SYEP Language Exchange
2007\3 Education\7-31 SYEP Dream Postcard Outreach
2007\3 Education\8-1 SYEP Language and Documentary
2007\3 Education\8-10 SYEP Field Trip to the Beach
2007\3 Education\8-13 SYEP Visit to Xavier Becerra
2007\3 Education\8-14 SYEP
2007\3 Education\8-16 SYEP Graduation
2007\3 Education\8-6 SYEP Language Exchange
2007\3 Education\8-7 SYEP
2007\3 Education\8-8 Immigration Study Group
2007\3 Education\9-10 Senior Computer Class
2007\3 Education\9-15 KTown Festival Credit Education Distribution
2007\3 Education\9-27 Credit Education Workshop
2007\3 Education\9-6 Summer Study Group on Korean American Organizing
2007\3 Education\9-9 CreditSmart Materials Glamour Shot
2007\3 Education\Fish
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\10-1 CA DREAM Rally
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\10-10 CA DREAM Letter Delivery
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\10-12 Dreams Across America Retreat
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\10-3 SSA No-Match Press Conference
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\11-20 Meeting with Xavier Becerra
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\12-19 SSA No-Match Campaign Media Briefing
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\2-27 KA CIR Meeting
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\3-22 Sports Arena
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\3-23 March 25th Event Press Conference
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\3-25 Justice for Our Families
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\3-27 APA Lobby Day Press Conference
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\3-9 March 25th Press Conference
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\4-17 Snack Bar Setup
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\4-18 Immigration Reform Snack Bar
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\4-21 APA Mobilization Training
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\4-3 White House Reaction and APA Lobby Day Tea House Press Conference
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\4-4 Thousand Conversations
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\4-6 Snack Bar Fundraiser Mailing
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\4-9 Snack Bar Fundraiser Planning
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\5-1 APA Mobilization Rally
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\5-14 Press Conference on Senate Debate
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\5-17 Vigil for Civil Rights
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\5-2 Police Brutality Press Conference
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\5-25 Visit to Dianne Feinstein
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\6-10 Corpus Christi Blessing DAAT
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\6-12 Welcoming Northern Dreamers
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\6-13-18 Dreams Across America Tour on the Train
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\6-18 DAAT Press Conference
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\6-19 DREAM Graduation
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\6-20 DAAT Press Conference
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\6-6 Rally at Feinstein's Office
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\7-26 Van Nuys Senior Center CIR Education
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\8-18 IRP National Meeting
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\8-20 Vigil for Elvira Arellano
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\8-21 Press Conference on Elvira Arellano's Deportation
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\8-25 March for Elvira Arellano
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\8-28 Vigil for Victoria Arellano
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\8-7 Visit to Diane Watson
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\8-8 Visit to Howard Berman
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\9-19 DREAM Press Conference
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\9-20 AB540 Victory Press Conference
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\9-3 Labor Day Breakfast
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\9-3 Labor Day Mass
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\9-6 SSA No Match and Know Your Rights
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\PLanning 5-12
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\4-3 White House Reaction and APA Lobby Day Tea House Press Conference\MISC
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\4-4 Thousand Conversations\CHP Conversations
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\1st day washington
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\breakfast june 13
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\chicago
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\day of march 1
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\day of march 2
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\day of march 3
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\deloris reunion
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\meetings capitol
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\portraits
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\press conf. capitol
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\press_union station
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\procession
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\school_press
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\train1
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\train2
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\train3
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\training_javier
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\victoria marquez
2007\4 Immigrant Rights\DAAT pics from Javier\chicago\untitled folder
2007\5 Voter Empowerment\11-15 MOVE San Beranrdino 3
2007\5 Voter Empowerment\11-19 MOVE Los Angeles
2007\5 Voter Empowerment\11-26 Heartland Presidential Forum Press Conference
2007\5 Voter Empowerment\12-1 HPF
2007\5 Voter Empowerment\7-27 MIV Los Angeles Regional Meeting
2007\5 Voter Empowerment\9-14 New Citizens Oath Ceremony Voter Registration
2007\5 Voter Empowerment\9-20 MOVE Los Angeles Session Two
2007\5 Voter Empowerment\7-27 MIV Los Angeles Regional Meeting\Posters
2007\6 Youth Organizing\2-28 DREAM Campaign Press Conference
2007\6 Youth Organizing\2-28 DREAM Presentation with SIPA
2007\7 YKU\1-27 Peace March
2007\7 YKU\3-9 Peace March Press Conference
2007\7 YKU\5-18 People's Uprising Commemorative
2007\8 Culture\1-1 New Year
2007\8 Culture\2-17 Lunar New Year Performance
2007\8 Culture\2-24 Caregivers Conference
2007\8 Culture\4-14 LA식물원결혼식
2007\8 Culture\5-3 Practice
2007\8 Culture\5-5 Korean Music Festival
2007\8 Culture\6-2 YoungNak Church Bazaar Performance
2007\9_Solidarity\12-13 Wilshire Plaza Hotel Workers Toy Drive
2007\9_Solidarity\12-20 Wilshire Plaza Hotel Workers Toy Delivery
2007\9_Solidarity\5-24 Bus Riders Union Fare Hike Hearing
2007\9_Solidarity\5-30 KIWA Anniversary
2007\9_Solidarity\6-1 Wilshire Plaza Hotel Boycott
2007\Internal\1-10 NAKASEC Affiliates Retreat
2007\Internal\1-5 Decoration
2007\Internal\10-16 Fundraiser Decoration Concept
2007\Internal\10-17 Trash Cleaning
2007\Internal\10-18 Fundraiser Prep Meeting
2007\Internal\10-19 Fundraiser
2007\Internal\11-10 Painting Party
2007\Internal\11-22 Staff for Board
2007\Internal\11-29 Good Morning KRC
2007\Internal\3-28 Cleaning
2007\Internal\6-30 Yoon Han Bong Funeral
2007\Internal\8-19 Commemorating Yoon Han Bong
2007\Internal\8-28 Butcher Paper
2007\Internal\8-3 Fussball
2007\Internal\9-19 Fundraiser Mailing Party
2007\Internal\9-20 Fundraiser Mailing Party
2007\Internal\9-21 Farewell to Morna Ha
2007\Internal\9-22 Volunteers Meeting
2007\Internal\9-28 Fundraiser Decoration Volunteer Meeting
2007\Internal\11-10 Painting Party\Results
2007\Internal\11-22 Staff for Board\Former Staff & Interns
2008\NAKASEC IRP Evaluation
2008\10_KRC\07-09 APCF Fundraiser
2008\10_KRC\1-10 NAKASEC Retreat
2008\10_KRC\10-11 Volunteers Meeting
2008\10_KRC\11-14 KRC Fundraiser Dinner
2008\10_KRC\3-22 Garage Sale and Painting Party
2008\10_KRC\4-4 KRC Staff Meeting
2008\10_KRC\5-21 Trash Cleaning
2008\10_KRC\5-9 KRC Staff Meeting
2008\1_Health_Access\07-28 All Staff Meeting on SCHIP Campaign
2008\1_Health_Access\1-31 Medi-Cal Language Access Meeting
2008\1_Health_Access\10-18 SCHIP Art Contest Drawing Class
2008\1_Health_Access\12-5 Tea House Fundraiser
2008\1_Health_Access\2-11 Health Care Press Conference
2008\1_Health_Access\4-11 Health Day Press conference
2008\1_Health_Access\4-26 Health Day
2008\1_Health_Access\5-2 Community Health Promoters Monthly Meeting
2008\1_Health_Access\6-14 Budget Cut Campaign at Beverly California Market
2008\1_Health_Access\6-15 Signature Campaign against Budget Cuts at OMC
2008\1_Health_Access\6-17 Budget Cut Campaign Mailing Party
2008\1_Health_Access\6-25 Budget Cut Picket Party
2008\1_Health_Access\6-4 Beverly Senior Center
2008\1_Health_Access\6-4 California State Budget Cut Press Conference
2008\1_Health_Access\8-15 SCHIP Campaign Signatures Hannam Chain
2008\1_Health_Access\8-18 JBC Radio Live Talk Show on SCHIP
2008\2_Social_Services\2-8 Tax Clinic Press Conference
2008\3_Education\12-3 Foreclosures Prevention Seminar
2008\3_Education\4-17 Migration Study Session
2008\3_Education\5-12 Korean Education Center Site Visit
2008\3_Education\5-28 Symposium Culture Press Conference
2008\3_Education\5-30 Movement of People Speakers Dinner with Union Members at SEIU 729
2008\3_Education\5-30 Symposium Preparations
2008\3_Education\5-31 Afterparty
2008\3_Education\5-31 Symposium
2008\3_Education\5-31 Symposium Broken Coffer
2008\3_Education\5-6 SYEP Documentary Asian Pacific Film Festival Screening
2008\3_Education\5-8 Symposium Press Conference
2008\3_Education\6-26 Homeownership Workshop
2008\3_Education\7-31 Homeownership Workshop
2008\3_Education\8-8 Summer Youth Empowerment Graduation
2008\3_Education\9-13 SYEP meeting
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff
2008\3_Education\SYEP misc
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures
2008\3_Education\5-31 Symposium\Movie
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Letter
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\광춘
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\다래
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\대중
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\두레
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\보람
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\성재
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\수경
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\승만
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\양희
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\용호
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\유리
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\일수
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\정연
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\정희
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\주연
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\하나
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\헬렌
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\현
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\현주
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\혜영
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\희연
2008\3_Education\SYEP Fundraiser Pictures for Staff\Staffs\희주
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\7-16 Derek and Projeckt
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\7-2 Korean American Museum
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\7-23 Traci
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\7-25 Fundraising Event
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\7-29 Credit Workshop
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\7-31 Kimchi Making
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\7-8 Comfort Women
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\7-9 Projeckt NewSpeak
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\8-8 Graduation
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\Final Profile
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\Individual
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\Misc
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\S.F. Pics
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\Staff
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\S.F. Pics\7-24
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\S.F. Pics\7-25
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\S.F. Pics\7-26
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\S.F. Pics\7-27
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\S.F. Pics\AVI
2008\3_Education\SYEP Pictures\S.F. Pics\Misc
2008\4_Immigrant_Rights\2-19 Leg Visit Loretta Sanchez
2008\4_Immigrant_Rights\4-6 Cesar Chavez Mass
2008\4_Immigrant_Rights\5-1 May Day March
2008\4_Immigrant_Rights\5-16 Condemning ICE Drugging Practices Press Conference
2008\4_Immigrant_Rights\6-19 Night of Thousand Conversations with Power Vote
2008\4_Immigrant_Rights\6-3 Access to Equal Education Forum
2008\4_Immigrant_Rights\6-5 Pasadena College AB540 Presentation
2008\4_Immigrant_Rights\9-1 Labor Day Mass
2008\4_Immigrant_Rights\9-24 CA Dream Act Rally
2008\5_Civic_Participation\01-17 Precinct Leaders Meeting
2008\5_Civic_Participation\01-18 Civic Participation Press Conference
2008\5_Civic_Participation\03-27 MOVE 2008 Meeting
2008\5_Civic_Participation\04-28 June Elections Press Conference
2008\5_Civic_Participation\04-30 Voter Registration at Naturalization Ceremony in Pasadena
2008\5_Civic_Participation\05-10 Precinct Walking Training
2008\5_Civic_Participation\05-13 API Prop 98 Press Conference
2008\5_Civic_Participation\05-17 APIA Presidential Townhall
2008\5_Civic_Participation\05-22 MIV Launch Naturalization Ceremony Press Conference
2008\5_Civic_Participation\05-28 No Prop 98 Press Conference
2008\5_Civic_Participation\05-3 Supervisor District Candidate Forum
2008\5_Civic_Participation\06-9 MIV Collaborative Meeting
2008\5_Civic_Participation\07-12 Voter Registration
2008\5_Civic_Participation\07-8 LA LGBT MOVE Training
2008\5_Civic_Participation\07-9 San Bernardino MOVE Training
2008\5_Civic_Participation\10-14 Rally against Prop 6
2008\5_Civic_Participation\11-1 Precinct Walking in Fullerton
2008\5_Civic_Participation\11-6 API Exit Polls Press Conference
2008\5_Civic_Participation\11-7 No on Prop 6 Press Conference
2008\5_Civic_Participation\8-28 Voter Registration at Naturalization Ceremony
2008\5_Civic_Participation\8-9 MIV Los Angeles Issues Analysis Forum
2008\5_Civic_Participation\9-12 Voter Registration
2008\5_Civic_Participation\9-16 Voter Guide Press Conference
2008\5_Civic_Participation\MIV 40k Voter Guides
2008\7_YKU\3-15 Anti-War Peace March
2008\8_Culture\9-13 Poongmul Performance
2008\9_Solidarity\12-4 Cure CVS Press Conference
2008\9_Solidarity\4-18 Hollywood to the Docks
2008\9_Solidarity\5-10 Labor Community Strategy Center Political Party
2008\9_Solidarity\5-8 Kaiser Security Officers Rally

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