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Losing Internet Connection

  1. Call Time Warner at 888-892-2253 and say your cable internet connection is down
  2. Provide Account Info
    • Account
    • Modem HAC#
    • Address: 906 S Crenshaw Blvd, LA CA 90006
  3. Follow instructions as provided by their customer rep. It will involve roughly:
    1. Going to the back room next to the stage and unplugging all the machines (modem, router etc) - just unplug the plugs from the power supply under the window
    2. Wait 30 sec
    3. Plug them again
    4. Restart your computer

KRC Phone Extensions

Office Phone Numbers

  • 323-937-3718
  • 323-937-9803
  • 323-937-4058
  • 323-937-3596

How to add events on the KRC website using Google Calendar

민족학교 행사를 구글 달력을 통해 홍보하는 방법

How to update intern Google Talk account names after new intern arrival

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