November 2010 Elections

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Participation in the electoral process is a critical way of voicing our opinions on social issues and impacting policies. Our community’s civic participation is central to building the movement for immigrant rights, as the electoral process helps determine policies that affect the everyday lives of immigrants and Korean Americans of every generation throughout California.

Over the past years, we have faced the negative impacts of policies related to the California budget. As a result of budget cuts, university fees have risen, more public school teachers have been fired, and low-income housing and health and human services have been cut. These consequences have disproportionately impacted low-income and immigrant communities like our own.

We must come together to address these challenges and make a better California by reforming our budget process and protecting our communities from more budget cuts. The fight for budget reform is a chance not only to protect the rights of the most vulnerable people in our community but to ensure that youth can receive quality education and seniors can maintain financial stability. This is central to strengthening the future of the Korean American community.

Remember to vote in the November 2 elections and stand up for the rights of our community!


KRC's Recommendations

Yes on Proposition 24: The Tax Fairness Act

When it comes to paying taxes, all Californians should be able to play by the same rules. But lawmakers have given an unfair advantage to big corporations. Proposition 24 will fix this by repealing three major tax breaks given to corporations, but not to individuals.

Proposition 24 repeals three corporate tax loopholes:

  • Loss-Carryback: Corporations can receive refunds for taxes paid in past years by writing off new losses.
  • Sharing Tax Credits: Corporations that receive more tax credits than they can use are able to give them to affiliated companies.
  • Single Sales Factor: Corporations that do business in other states can select whichever of two different formulas that would allow them to pay the least in taxes.

We need California to assure that all of us—not just the biggest corporations— have a fair chance to pursue success and security, based on our own talents and hard work.

More information about Proposition 24

Yes on Proposition 25: "The Real Deal" for Budget Reform

Every year, budget gridlock hurts schools, threatens vital services and costs taxpayers millions of dollars. It has an especially large impact on immigrants, women, and people of color in California who rely on essential public benefits such as health care, education, CalWORKs, food stamps, and care for children, the elderly and disabled.

A major difficulty in getting an on-time budget has been the requirement that the budget be passed by a 2/3 vote. The 2/3 requirement allows the budget process to be held hostage by a few legislators.

Prop 25 targets this broken system, holding legislators accountable when they fail to pass the budget on time.

If Prop 25 passes, it would change the number of legislative votes necessary to pass the budget from two-thirds to a simple majority vote and require legislators to forfeit their pay for living expenses if they fail to pass the budget on time.

Passing a budget by majority vote will help approve budgets on time and could improve the content of budgets in favor of low-income Californians, since the simple majority will be able to set priorities.

Even though Prop 25 does not change the 2/3 vote requirement for the Legislature to raise revenues, a majority vote for the budget is likely to make the budget more timely, efficient, and fair.

More information about Proposition 25

Important Dates

Voter Registration Deadline
Monday, October 18th
*Registration Forms must be postmarked by this date.
* You must re-register if you have changed your address or name.
Vote-By-Mail Application Deadline
Tuesday, October 26th
  • Your application must be postmarked by this date.

ㅣ* You can also fille the enclosed “Application for Permanent Vote by Mail Status” and never have to file the application again.

Election Date
Tuesday, November 2nd, 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Your polling place location will be printed on the back of your sample ballot.
  • First time voters must show a photo ID or a document that states their name and residence address at the poll site.
  • VBM ballots must be received by the local county clerk’s once by Election Day. On Election Day, you can drop off VBM ballots at any polling place within your county.
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