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Press Advisories & Press Releases

Press Advisories (취재 요청서) are sent to invite media to attend a press conference or some other event that they can attend and cover. When written in Korean language, the advisories are directed to the press, so it should be written in 존댓말(경어).

Press Releases (보도 자료/의뢰서) are information you give to the media and allow them to report based on it. Especially for smaller media outlets, it's best if the release can be copied and pasted into the article, so format it as a newspaper article, and when writing it think of how it would flow as an article - too much detail will not be published, and it's not worth spending time writing something that won't get published. Korean newspaper articles use 반말, so use 반말 in the press release to save them the work of changing the honorific for each verb.

KRC has template advisories and releases in English & Korean saved in PowerBase as templates, and also has the media contacts saved in PowerBase. To use this, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to PowerBase
  2. Emails -> New Email
    • Name your mailing: The name with which this email will be saved in the system (different from subject)
    • Optional: pick project
    • Mailing Recipients: there's many options but usually:
      • Current KRc Staff, Current NAKASEC Staff
      • Media Korean Los Angeles
      • Media English Los Angeles
      • If it's a big announcement:
        • Staff and Board (English) or (Korean) (This includes KRC, KRCC, NAKASEC Staff, and KRC Board.)
      • If it's an Orange County release:
        • Media Korean Orange County
        • Media Korean LA, excludes KT & KD
  3. Press "Next" twice
    • From Email Address: PIck your name or click the question mark to open the settings page where you can add your own
    • Use template: Korean Press Advisory, English Press Advisory, Korean Press Release, or English Press Release
    • Edit mailing subject - this will be the subject that the recipients will see
    • Edit the content
  4. Next
  5. Next
  6. Send now (or you can time it to the future)

How to record press pitch call information

  1. Login to PowerBase
  2. Create Event for Press Conference
  3. Search Group "Pitch Calls"
  4. Add to Event as "Invited"
  5. Go to event, and list invitees list
  6. Select all -> Batch Update via Profile
  7. Record individual call information

How to remove or add reporters to pitch calls group

  1. Search the reporter
  2. Open tab "Groups"
  3. Remove "Pitch Calls" if reporter is no longer assigned to KRC
  4. Add new reporter or update existing reporter
  5. Add to "Pitch Calls" group

Tips on translating Press Releases

How to get Print Versions of Korea Times articles

Media Contacts Group Structure

  • Media All (National)
    • Media Korean (National+South Korea)
      • Media Korean LA+OC (
        • Media Korean LA, excludes KT & KD
        • Media Korean Orange County
          • Media Korean Orange County Outlets (Smart Group)
          • Media Korean Orange County Reporters (Smart Group)
          • OC Pitch Call List
        • Pitch Calls
        • Media Korean LA Frequent Attendance
        • Media Korean Los Angeles Outlets (Smart Group)
        • Media Korean Los Angeles Reporters (Smart Group)
      • Media Korean Dream Rider New Leads
      • Media in South Korea
      • Media Korean Outlets (National) (Smart Group)
      • Media Korean Reporters (National) (Smart Group)
      • Media Korean Illinois
        • Media Korean Illinois Outlets (Smart Group)
        • Media Korean Illinois Reporters (Smart Group)
    • Media English (National)
      • Media English Los Angeles (
        • Media English Los Angeles Outlets (Smart Group)
        • Media English Los Angeles Reporters (Smart Group)
        • Media English OC Outlets (Smart Group)
        • Media es/jp/zh Los Angeles Outlets (Smart Group)
        • Media es/jp/zh Orange County Oulets (Smart Group)
        • Media es/jp/zh Los Angeles Reporters (Smart Group)
        • Media es/jp/zh Orange County Reporters (Smart Group)
      • Media English National Outlets (Smart Group)
      • Media English National Reporters (Smart Group)

Old Content (2009) - information below may be outdated

Adapted from

How to develop & distribute media materials

Sample Materials

Sample media materials are at \\Yongho\irp\91 Media\Materials

Media contacts

KRC keeps an excel sheet of media contacts online. KRC and NAKASEC staff can log in each with their own IDs at the following links: link for KRC link for NAKASEC after you open them for the first time, you will be able to see the list in or


  1. The fax machine is at the main hall at KRC.
  2. Insert the media cover sheet & material in the fax, facing down.
  3. Press the "2" (2/12) button on the left hand side of the fax machine
  4. Press Start
  5. After ~5 minutes, the fax machine will print a summary.


The following media mailing lists are available: (sends to all lists) (Korean Language) 4 (New York) 11 (Illinois) 37 (California) 7 (Pennsylvania) 10 (DC) 5 (Southern Region - TX, GA, etc) (English Language) 5 258 spanish language 9

  • When sending emails to media, please CC to staff at and so that we know what and when something has been sent to media.
  • The mailing lists will accept emails sent from any,, or emails. All others will be held for moderation (the moderation notices are emailed to

how to use @krcla's new google groups-based media mailing list system

Maintaining the lists

  1. The mailing lists can be administered from using NAKASEC's admin password
  2. For information on how to manage accounts as admin, - this is a manual for another project but uses the same mailing list program (mailman)
  3. You can skip the above and just email Yongho with instructions on what to do. For example: "Yongho add this email address to the Chicago Korean Language Media list".

How to monitor and record news

Which print media are delivered to KRC?

  • KA Media: Korea Daily (중앙일보), Korea Times (한국일보), Korea Herald Business (헤럴드경제), Korean Journal
  • English KA Media: KoreAm Journal, Korean Quarterly
  • English Media: Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Financial Times, Asian Reporter

Where can you pick up newspapers?

Newspaper scrapping

  1. Write down the media outlet, date & page number under the news item headline. Example: "Korea Daily 2-14-08 A3".
  2. Highlight the news item so that it's easily visible for non-Korean-speaking volunteers
  3. Write down the page number on the first page of the newspaper, and place it in the bin next to the fax machine.
  4. High school volunteers regularly come to KRC, cut out the newspaper and put it in the green folder.
  5. Newspaper scrapped this way are currently stored by year in bins in the computer education room.

News monitoring: Google News & Google Reader

  • Google News tracks 4,500+ media outlets, clusters them by topic, and lets you search by keywords. You can use this to track most of the media coverage on any particular issue.
    • How to use it: go to and run the search
    • How to easily track KRC & affiliates: log in at with the ID and password, and then open . KRC affiliates are linked in the left pane. Click through each of them to track coverage of the last two weeks.
    • How to track coverage in languages other than Korean & English: at the bottom of the list, there are the keywords "이민개혁" (Chinese) and "inmigración"(Spanish). Click on it, and then type the search keyword on the search form, and Google News will search for hits among media in that language. (For example: searching for "CHIRLA" in Spanish language media)
    • There is a collection of more keywords at Google Reader, at - log in with the account above.

Blog monitoring

  • There isn't a central site for blogs, but there are a couple of them:
    • , : there are called metasites, where blogs publish headers. On these sites, you get to see a live stream of posts published by thousands of different blogs - Technorati is a major English language metasite, and is a major Korean language metasite.
    • MetaSites run as opt-in; posts appearing on these sites tend to be professional bloggers. It's unlikely that you will find personal diaries on these sites.
  • , : blog search engines, different from metasites since there is no way to read these sites live.
    • Since search engines are not opt-in, the coverage is larger.
  • South Korean Portal site blog components: South Korean portals each run closed-circuit blog systems, and some are opening up more than others. Only a portion of these blogs publish in To track coverage on these sites, you need to run a search in each one of them. Some examples are:, ,,,
  • To get a good sense of what's going on blogs, you need to run searches on metasites and blog search engines. Here are links that will run a search for NAKASEC or any of the affiliates on the main sites:
    • IceRocket search
    • Google Blog Search
  • Korean sites have very poor search features, as they cannot process AND & OR clauses. Your hunt for coverage in Korean blogs, if they are not covered in the main sites above, becomes similar to looking for coverage on Radio Seoul. To make matters worse, for every post about "민족학교" there will be hundreds of other posts on "민족사관학교" and the "민족학교"s in Japan, China and Russia popping up in the search results. There are also some 청년학교s in South Korea.
  • Another effective method of blog coverage monitoring is by looking at KRC's website referrers. Referrers are records of external incoming links. Normally when blogs cover KRC, they link to a specific website within KRC, and when the blog's readers click the link, this is recorded at KRC's website. The most accessible place to see them is at the WordPress statistics page:
    1. Go to KRC's WordPress admin screen
    2. Dashboard -> Blog Stats
    3. Log in as "krcla"
    4. Click "Referrers" at the bottom left.

Scrapping news online (

Once you find all these media hits online, you can use to classify them and save their location. is used to save links and assign "tags" on them, making it easy to search them later.

Before linking to pages using, you need to install a plugin for your web browser: for FireFox, and for Internet Explorer

  1. Open the web page
  2. Click the "tag" button on the browser menu
  3. Copy & paste the news title to "description"
  4. Copy & paste subtitle to "notes"
  5. Add media outlet & date to the end of "notes" (example: "New York Times 1-15-08")
  6. Add tags - more on this on a separate documentation.
  7. Click the "Save" button

Or, you can just send the link to Yongho via Google Talk or email. News items linked in this way can be viewed at

Online availability

Most media coverage is available online, but there are different ways to retrieve them, depending on the outlet.

  • Use Google News to track Korea Daily & Korea Times, and other U.S. & South Korea mainstream media outlets
  • Run individual searches on Korea Times, Koreatown Daily, Korea Herald Biz. (These articles do not come up on Google News.. yet)

Manual search on Radio Korea, Radio Seoul, KTAN, and JBC Radio (These sites do not have a search function. You need to scroll through each page)

Below are comments on the general availability, stability and recommendations on the best way to save news articles from various media outlets:

Korean American Press
  • Korea Daily : available at website, stable content, variable URL. Becomes available around 11pm the day before. Link.
  • Korea Times: available at website, stable content. Becomes available around 8am on the date of publication. Link.
  • Korea Herald Business: available at website. Slow update process.
  • Koreatown Daily: available at website both as PDF and standalone articles. Becomes available around 10pm the day before. Link.
  • USA Edu News: available at website.
  • Koreana News: available at website but something went wrong with their website since September 2007.
  • KoreAm Journal: available at website, short-term online availability. Slow update process.
English, Spanish, Chinese Press
  • Los Angeles Times: available at website, short-term online availability, variable URL. Becomes available as reporters submit their stories. Copy to our website.
  • Los Angeles Daily News: (San Fernando Valley) available at website, short-term online availability. Copy to our website.
  • New York Times: available at website, stable content.
  • Washington Post: available at website, stable content.
  • Los Angeles Sentinel: (African American) available at website
  • Our Weekly (African American): opened up their new website in Fall of 2007, unsure if it's stable.
  • World Journal (世界日報) (Chinese American) N/A
  • La Opinión (Latino): available at website, stable content. Has a bad search engine.
  • Hoy (Latino): N/A
Korean American Radio
  • Radio Korea: broadcast online at website (needs login). Record with sound capture. Transcript and occasional full recording also available at website.
  • Radio Seoul: broadcast online at (scroll to bottom of and click "라디오서울 생방송" at green menu bar) Record with sound capture. Transcript available at website.
  • JBC Broadcasting: broadcast online at website. Record with sound capture. Transcript available at website.
Korean American TV

TVK24: 12pm and 7pm news is broadcast online at Look at the link structure, and replace it to look like

Radio & TV Schedule

Below is the weekly schedule of KA Radio & TV news times. Click to make it bigger.

Last Updated: October 2007


Recording: the technical part

KRC's laptops can record radio directly from the internet.

  1. Set the computer to record from audio output
    1. Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Volume Control (or double click the volume icon at the bottom right)

Options -> Properties -> Check "Stereo Mix" -> Ok

    1. KRC's dell desktop computers do not have "Stereo Mix". If you do not have it, then you cannot record from the internet.
    2. Unmute Stereo Mix
  1. Record
    1. Start -> Programs -> SIMPLE 4.5J -> Simple MP3 Maker (get the program from )
    2. Record to WAV
    3. Output File -> Choose destination
    4. Start -> Stop when done
    5. Encode WAV to MP3
    6. Add Files -> the file you just created
    7. Start
  2. Upload
    1. Upload file to blog via WordPress's file upload tab or FTP
    2. Post new item with coverage. Write [audio:] to display a mp3 player on the post.
    3. Suggested file naming format is venue-date.mp3 - example: radio-korea-021008.mp3

Download YouTube


Click "Referrers" at the bottom left.

Korean Language Channels

  • KBSLA 14
  • KTAN18

이번주 일요일 오후 8:00 (PDT?) 채널이 24번이라고 하셨는데 민족학교가 사용하는 케이블회사(Comcast)에서 24번은 KVCR PBS San Bernardino prime-time grids only 입니다.

730 korean talk 830 korean channel

Cable Channels

Code Channel Channel Area
2 KCBS CBS Los Angeles
4 KNBC NBC Los Angeles
5 KTLA WB Los Angeles
7 KABC ABC Los Angeles
9 KCAL Ind. Los Angeles
11 KTTV Fox Los Angeles
13 KCOP UPN Los Angeles
18 KSCI Ind. Los Angeles
22 KWHY Ind. Los Angeles
24 KVCR PBS San Bernardino prime-time grids only
28-3 KCET PBS Los Angeles
30 KPXN PAX Los Angeles
34-10 KMEX UNI Los Angeles
40-17 KTBN TBN Los Angeles
46-21 KFTR TF Ontario prime-time grids only
50-16 KOCE PBS Huntington Beach
52-12 KVEA TEL Los Angeles
56-19 KDOC Ind. Anaheim
58-15 KLCS PBS Los Angeles
A&E 49 A&E Network
FAM 55 ABC Family
APL 71 Animal Planet
BRV 75-76 Bravo
CNN 37 Cable News Network prime-time grids only
CAR 57 Cartoon Network
CNB 33 CNBC prime-time grids only
COM 67 Comedy Central
CMT 59 Country Music Television prime-time grids only
CRT 68 Court TV
DSC 73 Discovery Channel
DIS 54 Disney Channel
E! 51 E! Entertainment Television
ES2 65 ESPN 2
TVF 53 Food Network
FMC Fox Movie Channel
FNC 32 Fox News Channel prime-time grids only
FSE 62 Fox Sports en Espanol prime-time grids only
FSN2 61 FSN 2 prime-time grids only
FX 43 FX
GV 79 Galavision
GLF 63 The Golf Channel
HIS 72 The History Channel
H&G 74 Home & Garden Television
LIF 47 Lifetime
MSN 34 MSNBC prime-time grids only
NIK 56 Nickelodeon
OXY 59-77 Oxygen prime-time grids only
SCI 66 Sci-Fi Channel
SPK 45 Spike TV
TBS 41 TBS SuperStation
TRV 76-75 Travel Channel
TNT 42 Turner Network Television
TVG 29-28 TV Guide Channel prime-time grids only
TVL 44 TV Land
USA 40 USA Network
VH1 50 VH1
WGN 25 WGN Chicago
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