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Select media coverage on KRC's Civic Participation work



Register to Vote Before the October 22nd Deadline (Lower right corner)

Korea Times 2012-10-20

Features Mr and Mrs Paek visiting a senior center.

"Investment in Education" vs "Just makes life harder": Prop 30 Controversy

Korea Daily 2012-11-03

Dae Yoon and Michelle Steele Park submitted short pieces in pro and against the proposition.

Korean Americans Support Proposition 30

KTN 2012-11-01


Opinion: Let's Take Back the Society of "Equal Opportunity"

Korea Times 9-10-2012

KRC Civic Participation Campaign for Proposition 30 - To achieve American Dream and Protect Education and Services
KTN 9-12-2012

Q2 =

Party-Based Primaries Abolished at the Federal and State Level: "Top Two Primaries" system introduced starting June 5th

Korea Times 5-18-2012

"Please Register to Vote" Ten Day Until Primary Elections

Korea Times 5-25-2012

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