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KRC regularly uses Symantec WinFax 10 to send out faxes to its database of organizations in California as part of its general outreach work.


Process Overview

  1. Plug the phone line to the computer (You will have to disconnect Hyeon We's phone line! ^^)
  2. Prepare the fax content as either .DOC (Word 2003) or PDF file, and save it under \\My Documents\Dropbox\8 Other\Database Computer\Mass Faxing
  3. Remove the Removal List from the target list
  4. VNC into the computer (the computer is not plugged to a monitor nor a keyboard)
  5. Import the target list into WinFax
  6. Start the fax
  7. (If fax send spans multiple days) Stop every day before going home, then start next day in the morning. (This is important: some orgs/churches have faxes running from their homes and have it manually switched with phone lines. They get very upset after getting calls at 4:00 am)
  8. Email staff giving instructions to be ready for call backs
  9. Compile, match, and analyze results with campaign team

Information needed & data prep

  1. Fax content
  2. List of recipients
  3. When to send it

Save list of recipients as a text file, and leave only these columns:

  • Fax number (leftmost, to prevent irregularities)
  • Business name (English)
  • Business name (Korean)

For Korean characters: even if you have the option, do not save as Unicode. WinFax does not recognize unicode. Save as simple ANSI file, (it's the default option - you don't have to specify anything). If this does not work, it may be because your computer does not have "Korean" set as the default language for non-Unicode programs.

Physical Setup

  1. Unplug the white phone line from Ext. 11 (do not unplug ext. 12, where Jenny Seon's phone is plugged! That's a system phone that runs our voice mail and call assignment system!
  2. Plug the grey line that comes out of the A-1 computer into Ext. 11. If there isn't one, find one.
  3. The line should be plugged on the bottom left plug of the modem, which is the plug that does not have the phone icon drawn on it.

Managing the Fax Program

Logging into VNC remote control

  1. Install TightVNC
  2. Log in to the Fax computer
    • Option 1
      • Run TightVNC Viewer
      • Enter "database" under "VNC server"
    • Option 2: Log in to the Router ( from the office
      ID: admin
      Password: KRC Staff Level Password
      Currently, something prevents Google Chrome from logging in into the Router admin screen. Use FireFox or another browser.
      • Click "Attached Devices"
      • Search for "Database" under "Device name", and record the corresponding IP Address. It will be something along the lines of "192.168.0.XX" (It changes every time we reset our switch along with other network equipment to get back our internet connection)
      • Run TightVNC Viewer
      • Enter IP Address
  3. Password: KRC Staff Level Password

Running WinFax & Initiating the Fax Send

  1. Double click the WinFax icon
  2. File > New > Phonebook Folder
  3. Click "My Phonebook" to place your folder on top level
  4. Give it a name, along with a date tag (so that it can be remembered later). For example: "2011-08-19 Churches in OC" > Ok
  5. File > Import > Phonebook
  6. Open the text file you prepared
  7. Select the folder you created earlier > Ok
  8. Hit the Send icon on top left
  9. Select the folder from the top right
  10. Click first item
  11. While pressing Shift, press End
  12. Click the Left Arrow icon
  13. Give it a subject in English (Korean is also possible but too convoluted to type over VNC)
  14. Menu > Insert > Files > Select the PDF or DOC file you prepared
  15. Wait for WinFax to import the files
  16. Menu > Recipient > Send off-peak (this will force WinFax to send during 9am-8pm timeframe)
  17. Hit Send. WinFax will immediately start sending' after 10-20 seconds of processing time


Right click on any of the folders, then click Export

Export variables: (add in this exact order. The list will be generated in reverse order - this is what we want!)

Field Delimiter: comma

Merge the results file into the Mass Faxing Results Compositve (in progress).xlsx file inside "Mass Faxing"

Phone Rewiring notes

  • B20 Computer Fax
  • B21 Main Phone
  • B22 Dead
  • B23 Dead
  • B24 Dead
  • B25 Available
  • B26 empty


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