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The Los Angeles Public Housing Program is run by Los Angeles City for low-income families.

Housing List: http://lahd.lacity.org/lahdinternet/FindAffordableHousing/tabid/76/Default.aspx


▣ Who is eligible?

Anyone can apply regardless their immigration status when all family members have social security number. If a person want to apply a public housing for his/her child, the family can apply with a social security number of the child.

▣Income Limits/Eligibility

To be eligible for the public housing program applicants must not exceed the following income limits:

People in Household Income Limit
1 $30,850
2 $35,250
3 $39,650
4 $44,100
5 $47,600
6 $51,150
7 $54,650
8 or More $58,200


▣ What is the application process?
  1. Apply in-person, phone or internet. Also, you can apply at the public housing you want to apply for.
  2. After you applied, you will receive a letter that you are on a waiting list.
  3. You will receive a letter with a date of interview and needed documents. You and your family who want to move in have to be to the interview. The waiting list will be determined by the system of preferences.
  4. You can ask for the list of apartment and other information at the housing authority office.
▣ Documents that may be required

For all family member who want to move in,

  • Name, Date of birth, social security number, ID or ID number
  • Current address and Name, address and phone number of owner or manager
  • Proof of Income (such as a paycheck, letter from an employer indicating the amount and frequency of pay, copy of federal income tax 1040 form)
  • Resource or Assets (such as most recent bank statement, car registration)
▣ Where can I apply?
  • In person
    • Housing Authority Application Center 5836 South Avalon Blvd. L.A., CA. 90003.
    • Housing Authority Central Offices 2600 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90057.
    • Housing Authority Property Management Department 9 AM - 4 PM, Monday through Friday - 8121 Van Nuys Blvd. Suite 650, Panorama City, CA. 91402
  • By phone
    • Housing Authority Conventional Application Center (213) 252-5316 TDD (323) 234-4453
  • By internet


▣ Contact these organization if you need information for tenants rights
  • Korean Rgigujhohoihohiohkihiughuyguvfguvcgcfydcfesource Center 323-937-3718 (Korean assistance available)
  • Asian Language Legal Intake Program 1-800-867-3640 (Korean assistance available)
  • Eviction Defense Center 213-487-7609
  • LA Housing Project 213-481-0134
  • Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles 323-801-7987 (Korean assistance available)

▣ For more information visit Housing Authority city of Los Angeles http://www.hacla.org

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