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KRC hosts a number of summer interns and 5·18 fellows from Korea every year. Below is information that may be helpful to interns planning to travel to Los Angeles to work at KRC:


What is provided for interns being housed at KRC?


Rooms where interns will live will have bedding and furniture, but interns are free to bring their own extra blankets, sheets, etc.

There is free Wi-Fi for you to use at the rooms.

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A washer is available at KRC; it is located outdoors behind the press room/storage area. However, clothes must be dried on available clotheslines. In addition, there is a coin laundry center is only 4 blocks away, and can be found at this map

You may reference this map at anytime to find locations and business hours of laundromats, restaurants, cafes, convenience/grocery stores, etc. that are all within a reasonable distance to KRC.



The kitchen is fully equipped with pots, pans, utensils, and appliances. Refrigerators and pantries are usually fully stocked with groceries made possible by KRC's lunch club, which is supported by monthly staff contributions as well as donations (KRC pays lunch club fees for interns and volunteers). All staff and interns are free to use kitchen supplies and food.

What should we bring?

As mentioned above, it is not necessary to bring any kitchen supplies or blankets. However, you should bring a few towels and shampoo or other shower supplies as needed

What will our schedule look like?

Full-time staff and interns work every weekday (M-F) from 9am to 5pm, excluding certain holidays. Summer interns must also attend the mandatory political study session which will be conducted one night a week; there may also be occasional night or weekend rallies or community meetings/forums.

What are our responsibilities?

  • KRC is a communal setting, so the responsibility of preparing weekday lunch for fellow staff is shared among all staff and interns:
    • Two people are designated to make lunch for staff once a week (e.g. every Monday or every Tuesday)
    • The day after you make lunch, you are responsible for doing dishes after staff eats lunch (If you make lunch on Mondays, you and your cooking partner are responsible for doing dishes on Tuesdays)
    • When there is enough staff (10+ to cover all five shifts, some staff and interns deemed by the cooking team to be the most busy with their projects during that period of the year will be excluded on a rotating basis.

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  • Everyone is responsible for washing any dishes from personal meals, snacks, or beverages (excluding weekday lunch: see above)
  • Those living in KRC are responsible for preparing their own meals on weekends as well as breakfast and dinner on weekdays, but again, food and groceries in the kitchen are free to use.
  • Because so many people come in and out of KRC everyday, cleaning responsibilities are divided among staff. Monday is the designated cleaning day, and within your first week or two here, you will choose or be assigned an area to clean and/or organize.

Other things to keep in mind...

  1. Always be aware that you are living with many other people. Please be respectful when it comes to noise and cleanliness
  2. KRC is a space used by many different people/organizations. There will be occasional meetings or classes (ex: poongmul-korean drumming) at night held by various organizations or people, and these could be held after hours.
  3. Social meetings and events are occasionally held at KRC for its staff and/or supporters to meet in a more casual setting outside of work hours.


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