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If your organization needs KRC's logo for joint events, please use one of the three sizes below:

  1. Vector image: for large banners and commercially printed matter
  2. Large bitmap: for similar large materials where using an AI file is not possible
  3. Small bitmap: for Word documents or other material that would be circulated primarily via email
Vector image
  • Ai File (Illustrator 9, Outlined; 40kb)
  • EPS File (Illustrator 9, Outlined; 700kb)
Large Bitmap image
  • PNG File (Transparent, 1594 x 2139 px, 40kb; Note: other sizes in this PNG copy are not rendered well in Flickr - only use the Original size image as linked here)
Small Bitmap image
  • JPG File (Nontransparent, 313x426 px, 28kb)

If you need to write KRC's name in Spanish, our recommended translation is "Centro de Recursos Coreanos" (Styled after CARECEN)

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