June 2014 Elections

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The Korean American community continues to be impacted by anti-immigrant sentiments and budget cuts. University tuition continues to rise, teachers and school days are being cut, and crucial services for low-income and elderly community members are being eliminated. But the Korean American community's continued civic engagement around the census, healthcare, and immigration issues has had a positive impact on our national politics. The Korean Resource Center hopes that this voter guide serves as a useful resource to help you understand the voting process and raise our community’s voice on June 3.

On Tuesday, June 3, California will vote on:

  • State, Federal and Local primaries, including the Governor's position.
  • Two statewide ballot initiatives
  • Local initiatives (municipality and county)

This voter guide borrows some text from the Easy Voter Guide, which is available at http://easyvoterguide.org

Ballot Measures

Proposition 41
Veteran’s Low-Income Housing

Allows the state to sell $600 million in bonds to build low-income housing for veterans. The state would then repay the bonds in 50 million dollars each year for 15 years. Support: Assembly Speaker John Perez, Democratic Party, Republican Party, Labor Unions, Veterans’ organizations, Housing organizations, Los Angeles Times. Learn more at http://YesOnProp41forVets.org

  • Argument in support: This will help thousands of low-income and homeless veterans get a roof over their heads and the programs they need.
  • Oppose: No organizational opposition on record to date; Argument in opposition: This kind of support for veterans should be paid for by the federal government, and the state should not take on additional bond spending.

KRC recommends a Vote on this measure.

Proposition 42
Local Government Public Records

Currently, local governments get reimbursed from the state government for complying with government transparency requirements (Public Records Act). With Prop. 42, local governments would no longer be reimbursed. State government would no longer issue tens of thousands of dollars in reimbursements. But local government would need to continue to maintain transparency standards.

  • Support: Governor Jerry Brown, Democratic Party, Republican Party, CA Common Cause, League of Women Voters CA, CA Labor Federation.
  • Opposition: Rural County Representatives of California

KRC has no position this ballot measure.

District Elections vs At-Large Districts

Anaheim is one of the largest and most diverse cities in Southern California. Unlike most cities, however, Anaheim elects its leaders “at-large.” This means that minority communities are poorly represented on the City Council. The current system is not working for diverse communities in Anaheim. To improve neighborhood representation and services in Anaheim, and to help the Korean American community consolidate its voting power, it is important that Anaheim move towards a district elections system and improve our city.

Voters in Anaheim will have a chance to address this issue in the fall. This issue will affect many growing cities across California, including those in Orange County. Stay tuned!

Important Dates

Voter Registration Deadline
Monday, May 19
*Registration Forms must be postmarked by this date.
* You must re-register if you have changed your address or name.
Vote-By-Mail Application Deadline
Tuesday, May 27
Election Date
Tuesday, June 3, 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Your polling place location will be printed on the back of your sample ballot.
  • First time voters must show a photo ID or a document that states their name and residence address at the poll site.
  • VBM ballots must be received by the local county clerk’s once by Election Day. On Election Day, you can drop off VBM ballots at any polling place within your county.
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