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Fundraiser Mixer

On September 15, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, Korean Immigrant Workers Advocates, Korean Resource Center, Little Tokyo Service Center, and the National Korean American Service & Education Consortium held a fundraising mixer for immigration reform. Held at Sul Ik Nen Ma Ul, a Korean Sit-down drinking bar, over 100 supporters, including representatives from Los Angeles organizations who worked incredibly hard on the campaign, came for a night of socializing and karaoke singing. In all, over $1,000 was raised. Special thanks to those who made this evening possible, including the owners of Sul Ik Nen Ma Ul.

DreamFesta (2005)

To mark the 3rd year of the student legalization movement, youth groups partnered together to hold the [DreamFesta] fundraising event. Held on August 26, the even featured DREAM Act activity highlights documentary as well as information on comprehensive immigration reform. Popular young 2nd generation Korean American hip hop artists included Dumbfound-dead, Mr. Furis, Guess Who, Mista Ri, Shin-B also lent their talent for the event to raise funds for the AD Campaign. The Dreamfesta Drew 100 students and raised more than $600. Special thanks to the Central American Resource Center, volunteers, and to all who donated their skills and services pro-bono to make this night possible.

Two-Week Fast Vigil for the Dream Act (2004)

File:Two-Week Dream Fast Vigil 5.jpg
Pass the DREAM Act!: Access to Higher Education for Undegraduate Students

In an effort to pass the DREAM Act before the end of the 108th Congressional Session, the DREAM Fast Vigil Campaign was launched in 20 different states across the US. The action began on September 13, with individuals that fasted for as long as 2 weeks. In Los Angeles, KRC, the National Korean American Service & Education Consortium, and the Coalition for the Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles coordinated efforts to conduct a 2-week action that generated over 200 participants and major media coverages including the Los Angeles Times. As a result of the tremendous efforts of the fasters and supporters, the DREAM Act was re-introduced in the Senate through the Department of Justice Appropriations Authorization Bill (S. 2863). The DREAM Act is a student legalization legislation that would allow undocumented students to pursue higher education and obtain legal status. DREAM Act beneficiaries would have to fall under certain eligibility requirements to apply. The DREAM Act and the Department of Justice Bill will be discussed further during the lame duck session, which is set to begin on November 16.

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