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File:2005-5-23 Immigrant Day 1.jpg
Multi-Group discussion with legislator's aide.
File:2005-5-23 Immigrant Day 2.jpg
Group shot in front of the Capitol.
File:2005-5-23 Immigrant Day 3.jpg
With the legislator's aide.
File:2005-5-23 Immigrant Day 4.jpg
Waiting for congressional visit.

On May 23rd, 2005, KRC and 34 senior citizens went to Sacramento to participate in [2005 9th Immigrant Day] and urged state senators and representatives of districts in Los Angels to work for Immigrants. The followings were demanded of the state legislators:

  1. Oppose the Governor’s proposal to eliminate the Naturalization Services Program (NSP) and to eliminate budgets for Medi-Cal and welfare programs
  2. Support bills that would make lives of immigrant community members and their families better.
    1. Support AB 930 (De La Torre/Torrico), a bill that would expand citizenship services.
    2. Support AB 772 and SB 437 bills that would provide children under 18 in California affordable health care services.
    3. Support AB 696, a bill that would simplify application forms and eliminate fingerprint scanning as part of the process to apply for public services such as Cal-Works and Food Stamps.

On June 1, AB 772 (an Assembly Bill) and SB 437 (a Senate Bill), which would expand federal health care programs for children, were passed 49-27 / 25-15.

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