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Recycling for cash

What goes here

  • Transparent glass
  • Green transparent glass (ex: soju)
  • Brown transparent glass (ex: beer)
  • Aluminum cans (Soda only. Tin cans for perishable foods don't count!)
  • (PIC 01) Transparent plastic bottle (Soft drink bottles only)
  • (HDPE #2) White semi-transparent plastic milk 1-gallon jug, 5-gallon water container
What can't be recycled for cash
  • Tin cans
  • Many toilet and shower products

Plastic Identification Code

For many "miscellaneous" type plastics, it's hard to assess at eyesight whether they are recyclable. You can easily check this by looking at the bottom of the bottle. Usually there will be a watermark denoting the Plastic Identification Code (PIC). Type #1 and #2 are accepted at recycling for cash stations. Other types are not accepted. (But you should still place them at the city blue bins)

File:Plastic-recyc-01.svg File:Plastic-recyc-02.svg

How to process

  1. Gather recyclables by type
  2. Load them up on a truck
  3. Head to the recycling center. Refer to the KRC surroundings map for location - it's the Fire icon at Catalina St and Pico Blvd.
  4. Park inside the center
  5. Grab a bunch of bins
  6. Unload the bags (since normally it's several truckloads per recycling bin, it's more time efficient to divide in three teams: loading team at KRC, unloading team at center, and driver(s))
  7. Fill up each bin for each type. Occasionally check the content and ensure it's been categorized properly.
  8. Sometimes the center just breaks the glass, sometimes they use it whole - it's unclear what they want.
  9. Bring the filled up bins to the center worker. The worker will weigh each bin and report to the clerk. After all bins are weighed, the clerk will give you money and a receipt.

Sample Recycling Receipt

This is a receipt given by the recycling center on one of KRC's recycling trips. It was three truckloads worth of recyclable bottles.

  • Star Recycling, 2623 W Pico Blvd, LA CA 90006
  • Date: 8/20/10
CodeDescriptionBasistotal WeightPrice/LbRefund Amt

Total Amount: $137.94


  • SW: Segregated by Weight
  • SC: Segregated by Count
  • C: Commingled
  • SP: Scrap

Recycling on LA city blue bin

What goes here

  • Paper
  • Cartons
  • All other plastics


How to process

  • Dump in the blue bin in front of KRC's Press Room

What cannot be recycled

  • Food (unlike Korea)
  • Laminated cartons (milk boxes, etc)


  • e-waste
  • batteries


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