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I. Making Video File

  • Open Windows Movie Maker and start a new project
  • Click "Add videos and photo" button on upper left ribbon under the "Home" Tab, and insert image: C:\Users\Dayne Lee\Dropbox\4 Immigrant Rights\KRC Dream Podcast\Promotional --> "JPEGStaticImage"
  • Click the "Edit" Tab on the Top Right and for the Duration of the Picture, put the # of seconds of the podcast + 10 seconds (for example, if the audio file is 10 minutes, put 610.00 seconds)
  • Click the "Add Music" button in the "home" tab ribbon, add this intro music file: C:\Users\Dayne Lee\Dropbox\4 Immigrant Rights\KRC Dream Podcast\Audio Sources --> "10 Amplified"
  • Click the "Add Music" button and add the audio mp3 file
  • Click the "Add Music" button and add the ending musical clip which is same as the intro: music file: C:\Users\Dayne Lee\Dropbox\4 Immigrant
  • Check to make sure its okay and the ending isn't cut off.
  • Click "Save Movie" and make sure to save the movie file in the right folder
  • Depending on how long it is, saving the movie file will take up to an hour. Don't turn the computer off during this time.

II. Uploading to Youtube

  • Sign in to Youtube: user name is "" and password is staff level password
  • Click the "upload" button at the top of the page and upload the video file. It will take 10 minutes+ but just edit the rest of the page while you're waiting
  • Just click on different sections in the upload manager page to edit
  • Change the Title: Current format is, ex: KRC Dream Podcast 드림 방송 Episode 9 (Monday June 10, 2013)

* Make sure privacy setting is public * on the top right, there will be a setting where you can add video to playlist. Add the video to the "KRC Dream Podcast" playlist * In the description, put a description of the week's program and minute mark links to different portions. Here is an example: (Come to for weekly updates!)

This week's theme is "Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Raise Our Voices in Washington DC!"

Host: Jenny Seon, Korean Resource Center Immigration Legal Project Director & Green Son, 손 그린, Korean Resource Center Immigration Rights Project

00:40 Stories from our Community - Report Back from Washington DC Trip "Stand with Families: June 5th National AAPI Mobilization for Immigration Reform" led by NAKASEC

02:30 Stories from our Community - David, a Koreatown high school graduate, shared his story in front of over a hundred Congressional staff members and Members of Congress.

08:00 Political Update - Troubling Legislative Developments for DACA and Immigration Reform in Congress

12:00 Call 2 Action - Email me your thoughts, concerns, questions and stories!

14:20 Services with Jenny - Information about our new KRC Orange County Service Desk at

Remember, email Jenny Seon at jennyATkrclaDOTorg to submit questions or comments to the podcast! * Also, if you have time, past the description into the "post to your subscribers" and it will auto share to our followers. * Click done. Or you may not have to, it auto-saves

III. Uploading to

  • Go to the website
  • On the top right, you log in: username is krcla and staff level password
  • Afterwords, go back to and on the top-ish right, below the search button, is a link that says "edit." Click it.
  • This will take you to the html edit page. The simplest way to do it is to just copy and paste a previous week's batch of code above the most recent batch of code and change the details. Don't touch the first 30 lines of code, that's the stuff at the top of the web page. Paste it below that, above the previous week's episode. To see an example of the code sample, look at the Dropbox File
  • Just copy the code and change the names and dates and stuff. For the video number, see above in the 4th line of code it says "id=hQxt-_-baDA" ? That is the video url link. delete that and insert the new video url stuff from the new video you uploaded. To find that, go to the youtube page of the video you uploaded. If the youtube address is something like then the code that you use in the website is that last portion "kLVs7dEIws0" after the = sign.
  • Random things: * makes a bullet point. ; makes a bold. Make sure to press enter twice to get a line separation.
  • Click save page on the html website page, and it should be fine. Don't worry about messing up. We can reverse any changes to the code.

IV. Social Media and Follow-Up

  • After the video is uploaded, post the video link or link to Facebook and Twitter with some interesting tagline. Example, "check out this week's episode at" or "in Dream Podcast Episode 10, Green talks about her favorite foods!"
  • Keep an eye on how many views the video gets and how many likes, reshares, favorites, and retweets we get.
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