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General Relief ("GR") is the County program that helps people who have almost no money. GR is a very limited program with many requirements. If you are classified as "employable" you must participate for Work).



▣ Am I Eligible?


To qualify for GR, you must have been in L.A County for at least 15 days and intend to remain here.

If you are stranded here from another state, and want to return, ask for aid to return to your home state when you apply. Someone, such as a relative, must confirm that he or she will take you in "back home". If you are eligible DPSS (the County Department of Public Social Services) will give you emergency housing and meal vouchers until transportation is arranged. Traveler's Aid Society (323) 850-4056 or (310)646-2270

Cash and Resource Limits

● You cannot have more than $50 in cash or in a bank account when you apply. However, you can own the following resources:

One car if worth less than $4,500 Necessary household furnishings The house you live in if the market value is assessed at no more than $34,000

If you live with your spouse, his or her income will be counted in deciding if you are eligible, unless your spouse gets SSI.

Time Limits

If you are classified "employable"(able to work) you can only get GR for 9 months in any 12 month period, (3 of the months are only if you fully cooperate in the GROW program. The 9 months begin with your first scheduled orientation date for GROW, or the date your aid is approved, whichever is later. If you are classified "unemployable"(unable to work) you will not have a time limit. If you have questions about the time limits. (888)368-8288


▣ What Are The Benefits?

The basic monthly cash aid is $221. This basic monthly cash aid is $221. This amount is normally reduced when you share housing. You may still get the full cash aid if you are not living with relatives, sleep in a separate room, and purchase and prepare your meals separately from others in the house.

In addition to the cash aid, you can get:

Bus tokens to all required appointments, and scheduled medical appointments

  • A personal care kit (they deduct $5)
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Housing repairs if they have a lien on your house
  • Supplements for medically required diets
  • Free health care from any county hospital or clinic (800) 427-8700
  • Up to $272 if you can prove, with a letter from the landlord, that it will prevent eviction for failure to pay last month's and this month's rent when you first apply for GR
  • A referral to a county-paid drug or alcohol recovery program.

Earned income disregard: Once approved, you can earn up to $200 per month with no loss of benefits. If you earn between $201 and $620, the amount of your cash aid will be proportionally cut. You will also be able to save up to $1,500 once your case is approved. Report your earned income to your worker, and tell them that you know about the Earned Income Disregard.

If you are homeless, tell the eligibility worker who interviews you at the welfare office. You may be entitled to food stamps or food vouchers the day you apply.

If no voucher restaurant is open or in your area, you should get cash ($2.16 per meal). Ask for as many meals (up to 3 a day) as you will need.

For income eligibility guidelines, please contact the Korean Resource Center at 323. 937. 3718.

Contact Information

▣ Contact information for your local offices.

DPSS (Department of Public Social Services) Office (GR Information Line 888-368-8288)

  • LA County
    • Wilshire Special 2415 6th St, Los Angeles 90057 213-738-4311
    • Metro North 2601Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90057 213-639-5176
  • Orange County
    • 2020 W Walnut Street, (First St & Walnut St) Santa Ana 92703 Phone 714-834-8892
  • Riverside County
    • Magnolia Ave. Riverside Phone 951-358-3400
  • San Diego County
    • 7947 Mission Center Phone 619-531-4703
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