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For questions about the elections and issues with your voter registration, please contact the below organizations, or fill out the form to the right:

Korean Resource Center
  • (323) 680-5709
Los Angeles County Registrar
  • (800) 481-8683 (currently, this number doesn't take incoming calls from the 818 area code)
  • (562) 466-1323

Orange County Registrar

  • (714) 567-7600


Inquiry Form

Fill the form below and KRC will get back to you via email.

Service Inquiry Form

How do I register to vote? Do I have to register again?

If you have moved, changed your party affiliation, or changed your name, you must re-register 15 days prior to the election. If you have registered in the past and have not changed any of this information, you do not have to re-register. You may register at most Los Angeles City buildings, city halls, fire stations, libraries, State Motor Vehicle Offices, Public Assistance Offices (DPSS, WIC), and post offices. You can also register at the Korean Resource Center.

What information will I receive before the election?

You will receive a Sample Ballot, which is a booklet that contains a list of the offices, candidates, and ballot initiatives that you can vote for on Election Day. It will also include a vote-by-mail ballot application and instruction sheet. On the back cover you will find your polling place.

How do I vote by absentee ballot?

Any registered voter may choose to vote by absentee ballot rather than voting in person on Election Day. You can apply up to 60 days prior to the election and during the final 6 days prior to the election. There are three ways to apply to vote by absentee ballot. 1) Mail a completed application form on the back of your sample ballot or signed letter requesting absentee voter status to the County of Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk. 2) Fax your request to 562-462-2354 or 562-462-3035. Make sure that you include your name, your home & mailing address, and the name & date of the election your are applying for. Also remember to sign and date your request. 3) Visit www.lavote.net to download an application.

What time are the polls open?

The polls are open from 7 AM to 8 PM.

How do I locate my poll place?

You can find out your polling place or which district you live in by calling (562) 462-1323 or by visiting www.lavote.net . Your polling place information is also printed on the back cover of your Sample Ballot.

What is a provisional ballot?

A provisional ballot is a right you have as a voter if: 1. you are properly registered in a precinct, but your name is not listed in the precinct register; 2. you are an absentee voter who does not have your absentee ballot at the polling place; 3. you moved and was unable to re-register at the new address. Provisional ballots will be collected and upon verification of voter eligibility, the ballot is counted.

How can I receive bilingual assistance?

On your voter registration card, check the box asking whether you would like to receive information in one of the six languages. You can also call the County of Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk at (800) 481-8683.


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