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The Korean Resource Center provides education in the community by holding on-going community education forums that address the social and political issues that impact Korean Americans. Moreover, KRC partners with the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC) to publish educational materials on critical issues such as hate crimes, census 2000, and immigrant-related legislation & policies.

KRC’s Saturday Roots Program offers young grade school students the opportunity to learn more about their Koran cultural heritage and develop their English language skills since 1998. Tailored for the youth of Koreatown, this program seeks to strengthen their sense of identity as Korean Americans.

Annually KRC runs Summer Youth Empowerment Project to help young Korean Americans gain a better understanding of the Korean American communities and other social and economic issues that affect the community. KRC also provides a library with over 3,500 books, magazines, and audio-visual materials available to the public.

Past Programs

KRC is also one of the community partner organizations to implement the Fish Contamination Education Collaborative project, supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Department of Health Services. This project seeks to address the human health risks caused by the consumption of contaminated fish as well as to increase the community awareness on environment justice issues.

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