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Using Dropbox

  • Dropbox ID: krcla.org@gmail.com
  • Password: KRC staff level password

KRC is storing its file server files on dropbox.

To access dropbox:

  • Option 1: Install Dropbox on your computer
  • Option 2: Quickly access one or two files you need from the web inteface at http://dropbox.com


To view tutorial videos for each section, drag the mouse over each triangle shaped button

How to access more KRC folders from dropbox

To prevent computer overload (it seems to get overloaded when too many files are synced), we have only essential folders synced to each staff. For example, HAP staff are synced to Inbox, General, HAP, Others, and Staff. IRP staff are synced to Inbox, General, IRP, Others and Staff.

To add more folders to your computer:

  1. Find the Dropbox icon on your computer's taskbar (bottom right corner). It may be hidden, so click the >> icon to reveal it.
  2. Right click on the Dropbox icon
  3. Preferences -> Advanced -> Selective Sync
  4. If you can only see the top level folders (0 General, 1 Health, etc) and can't open individual folders inside each top level folder, click the "Advanced View" button on the bottom left of the window
  5. Check additional boxes, and select "Update"
  6. Your new folders will be downloaded to your computer in 30-90 minutes, depending on how large it is. (It will download them from the KRC Fileserver within the network, so it should be pretty fast)

Installing Dropbox

  1. Go to http://dropbox.com
  2. Download the installation file
  3. Run the installation file
  4. Follow the instructions on screen
  5. Select "I already have a Dropbox account"
  6. Enter account information from above
  7. Enter a recognizable name for the computer name: (example: DJ's Laptop, DJ Home)

How to use Dropbox on the web browser

  1. Go to http://dropbox.com
  2. Log in

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a program that syncs files across computers. It creates a folder on your My documents folder, named "Dropbox", and syncs files so that all your Dropbox files are the same across all computers that have Dropbox installed and logged in with the same account.

Current space usage

9 staff 13gb 0 general 25gb 9_1 archives 620gb 1 healthaccess 6gb 2 socialservices 1gb 3 educationculture 4gb 4 immigrantrights 8gb 5 civic 7gb 6 financial 1gb 8 other 13gb 9_2 shared 2gb 9_3 inter inbox 1gb

video 486gb installation 62gb photo 27gb staff 4gb music 7gb event 17gb

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