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AKASIA student leader speaks at the Martin Luther King Day Parade 2012 calling for
education equality and civil rights

Korean American college students are facing many challenges. College tuition and student debt continues to rise because of state budget cuts while financial aid packages and basic college course offerings are being reduced. Meanwhile, thousands of Korean American students are prevented from achieving their goals because the DREAM Act has not passed.

One way to raise our voices is to register our community to vote. Through the power of our community's vote, young voters have successfully brought about the passage of the California Dream Act, saved Cal Grants from being eliminated, and lobbied for greater Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) and Korean American representation in political districts. We can achieve social justice if we step up and vote.


Thousands of young Korean Americans have been registering and turning out to vote in Southern California over the past few years. At the Korean Resource Center, we want to foster this wave of civic participation among college students. This is why KRC is launching the KRC College Voter Challenge in April 2012. We call on college student organizations and young people throughout Southern California to register voters during the Primary Elections cycle of 2012. The organization that registers the most voters will win the Grand Prize of $1,000!

Can YOUR Student Group Take on the Challenge?

This challenge is open to all student organizations (social, political, cultural, religious, fraternal, sororal, or just a group of your friends) in Southern California that want to get involved empower the Korean American community . Check out the challenge rules.

Voter registrations taken from April 1 to April 23, 2012 will be accepted for the challenge.

To participate, fill out the Group Registration Form (click to download) by the registration deadline of February 29, 2012. Got questions? Contact us at:


Dayne Lee


We thank the below sponsors for making this challenge possible:

  • Hansong Buffet Restaurant
  • Korean Resource Center
  • Southern California Korean College Student Association (Chongdae)

Please direct sponsorship inquiries to

Participating Student Groups

  • Koreans United for Equality
  • Pomona College Asian American Resource Center
  • UC Irvine Konnect
  • UC Irvine Korean American Student Association
  • UC Riverside Korean American Student Association
  • University of Southern California Korean American Student Association
  • University of Southern California Korean Culture Night
  • Yale University Korean American Students at Yale (Affiliate non-competing group)

Voter challenge rules

  1. Each participating group must send a representative to attend a Competition Rules and Voter Registration Training Session on Friday, March 23, 2012 from 5:00pm-8:00pm in Los Angeles Koreatown. An alternate training will also be provided in Orange County in late March. These and other rules and tips will be explained in greater detail during this training, and dinner will be provided.
  2. Our training and emphasis is on registering Korean American voters, but student groups are welcome to register voters of all backgrounds for this competition.
  3. Groups whose college campus does not have a sizable Korean American population are invited to join KRC's weekend voter registration events in select Churches and Markets in Koreatown and Northern Orange County.
  4. Groups must prepare and email an Excel file with the name, voting address and phone number of each voter registered to KRC by Monday, April 23rd, evening 11:30 pm.
  5. Each group must send a representative to the winning group announcement and closing celebration event on Saturday, May 5th, 2012 at 4:00 pm. The winning group will receive a check for $1,000 at the event, followed by a live press conference with Korean American media and other guest speakers. (Smaller non-cash prizes may be awarded to all participating organizations.)

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