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Cityride is a program for individuals in the City of Los Angeles aged 65 or older and persons with mobility impairments. Cityride registrants may purchase a book of 72-transit scrip once quarterly and use them to obtain MTA monthly bus passes and discounts on taxis, private lift-van and Cityride lift-van Dial-A-Ride services. The transit scrip will expire on June 30 of each year



65 or Older (Who has ID and Social Security Card) or disabled (who can prove that he or she is disabled)


General $15.37, Low Income $ 6.37 (Need to provide Medical Card or Social Security Income award letter)


To apply you need these things

ID, Check or money order (no cash). For low income, Medical Card or Social Security Income award letter. For disabled, proof of disability

To download the application


Cityride Hotline customer service in multiple languages (213, 310, 323 or 818)Area code 808-RIDE(7433) Korean assistance available

Send your application to

Cityride P.O.Box 866003 Los Angeles, CA 90086

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