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KRC Stock Audio & Video Equipment

  • 5' wide x 5' tall screen
  • 2x projectors
  • Yamaha EMX 5000-12 mixer (doesn't need amplifiers) Note: aux2 output volume control does not work.
  • 2x Shure wired mic
  • 2x 400W amps (speakers)
  • 2x 300W amps (speakers)
  • 2 mic stands
  • plenty of 1/4" and XLR cables for any kind of set up (see inventory)

Mixer setup

Monitor Speakers

  1. Plug to "Mono Out" on the top right
  2. Set Mono Bridge to "ST L R" (top option)
  3. Control Sound using the red adjuster. The black adjuster will control the monitor volume.

How to use the audio/video system in-house


Get this layout in Illustrator CS4 format

Playing Music within KRC's Buildings

Wireless (Bluetooth)

  1. Sync your iPhone/Droid/iPod with the "Blackberry Audio Gateway"
  2. Play
  3. Turn On the Mixer
    1. Raise Volume for Channel 11
  4. Go to the building audio switchboard and turn it up for the rooms you want it to play
  5. Turn On the Switchboard Mixer
  6. When done, turn the Mixer & Switchboard off


  1. Plug your player to the black audio cable hanging from the Blackberry Audio Gateway
  2. Play
  3. Turn the Mixer On
  4. Go to the building audio switchboard and turn it up for the rooms you want it to play

Karaoke (노래방)

  1. Pull the audio snake from the library
  2. Pull 2x Mics and 2x 8'+ XLR to 1/4" cables from the cable storage
  3. Plug mics to audio snake
  4. Turn the Mixer On

Showing a video on the screen

Event Outside Setups

Large event with audio & video

  • 2x 50'+ Power Extensions
  • 1x 50' VGA Male to Male cable
  • Projector
  • Mixer
  • 1x Power Cable - C13 type (Computer Power)
  • 2x 4"+ RCA Male to 3.5mm Male cable
  • If there will be a massive distance from the mixer to people with mics
    • If YES: Bring 1x audio snake
    • If NO: Bring 1x 10'+ Male 1/4" to Male 1/4" cable and a 1/4" Y-splitter
  • 2x Mics
  • 2x 8'+ XLR to 1/4" cable



100 people

Note: KRC Projector's Monitor Out port does not work


  • Laptop
  • KRC Screen
  • Sticky Butcher paper
  • NAKASEC Projector (main)
  • KRC Projector (clone)
  • 50' Male-Male VGA cable
  • 6' Male-Male VGA Cable
  • Mixer
  • 25'+ 3.5mm Male- 3.5mm Female cable
  • 3.5mm Female to Female adapter
  • 6' RCA Male-3.5mm Male cable
  • power cables
  • mics

Placement setup

  • Main Hall: Laptop, KRC Screen, NAKASEC Projector, Mixer
  • Overflow room (cultural room): KRC projector

Connection Setup

  • Connect the laptop to the NAKASEC projector
  • Connect the NAKASEC projector's Monitor Out port to KRC projector
  • Unplug the 3.5mm audio cable from the Bluetooth receiver at the northwestern corner of the main hall and connect it to the Mixer's Rec Out port


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