Building a Limited Multi-Line Phone System with Skype and Google Voice

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Google Voice
  • Each new line added must be added on Google Voice.
  • Each line should be set as "Work" ("Mobile" limits future usability), and with a pickup schedule of Not picking up weekends & not 5:15pm-8:45am (Screenshot) for the voicemail to work properly.

Log in at

  • To make incoming calls, purchase an online number and connect the number to Google Voice. Price is $30/year or $6/month

Each account should be set up with these settings: (Screenshot) Voicemail: OFF Call forwarding: Forward to 3236805725 (This is the google voice number)

Cell phone backups

  • AT&T: $2/day. Cheapest phone is $20
  • Verizon: $2/day. Cheapest phone is $50. Cheapest plan is $50/month unlimited calling.
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile: no per day. $30/month for 1,500 minutes (2c per minute) (web store only)
  • MetroPCS: $40/month only, unlimited. $10 activation fee

Quotes for unlocking

  • MetroPCS: $35
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