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Recent Tapes List

  • Elizabeth heo 3/11: Eli's clips from media class
  • Drum at dodger stadium & Orange Int.: Playing drums on field, 2 interviews by mar (5/17 and 5/24)
  • Esther Choi 3/11: Esther's clips from media class
  • Shawn Lim: Shawn's clips media class
  • Dream 3/10/06 Eunice Lee: Eunice's speech on 3/10 (remake version not raw copy)
  • March 2006 이민자…: speech made in KRC by KRC members for the HR4437
  • SWT Eunice: meeting where youth talk about immigrants
  • March 25/06 Sang 2: March protest
  • KRC 2002.6.16 * 102061: kids reading, interview
  • No _____: Korean American New Orleans trip (june 19-june 23) <remade version not raw copy>
  • KRC NAKASEC No Name: KRC and NAJASEC making speech of hr4437 at church
  • Dream Act wh of action (LA) Nov 19: Advertise dream act "I want dream act" Drums on street
  • No Name 2: About high school immigrants African American women makes a speech/lecture.
  • Tape 10: Interview 4 people in NY telling stories
  • Tape 9 through 3: All correct tapes filled with interviews
  • Tape 2: driving around, interview in the car etc.
  • Tape 1: Talk with driver, painting walls, talking.
  • 2005.9-2 Dream Act Part 3 *105092: Dream Act m/v. Shown at Orange night.
  • 5/1/06 AI: Wilshire protest, Drums etc. Near metro station
  • March on Wilshire: Continuation of above.
  • March down Wilshire st: continuation of above. Actually going down Wilshire.
  • 3/25/06 March: tape one (in the bus get off), the march.
  • 3/25/06 tape 1-4: continuation (four being the last).
  • Eli March 4/10: Speeches made by people including Eunice and a bit of the March
  • March 4/10: Speech at KRC, Ride bus, drums, march. The other half to the video above.
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