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Join the Korean Resource Center in our Fall 2014 General Elections Civic Engagement campaign. We want to make sure that all immigrants have equal access to the American Dream, that communities are fairly represented in local government, and that seniors can move in to affordable housing units.

We are recruiting volunteers for our voter outreach and education efforts during the month of October - for dedicated volunteers putting 3 weeks or more of work into the campaign, we will provide a small stipend.

Apply to the Campaign Fellows Program today!


What Will Campaign Fellows Do?

The Korean Resource Center wants to ensure that the Korean American community, as well as people of color, immigrants, and working and low-income Los Angeles residents, raise their voices and are heard in this election cycle. In order to do so, KRC is launching a campaign to engage the Korean American community and increase our rates of civic participation. Campaign Fellows will be talking with community members and encouraging them to vote by:

  • Phonebanking: Calling registered voters in Los Angeles and Orange County, informing them about what's at stake this year, and encouraging them to vote
  • Precinct Walking: Visiting voters at their doors in local neighborhoods and apartment buildings and encouraging them to vote
  • GOTV (Getting Out the Vote): Helping voters find their polling places and vote on election day

Program Requirements

  • Fellows will be selected on a rolling basis and will volunteer from 9/29 to 11/3 in LA or 10/8 to 10/31 in OC.
  • Fellows must be age 16 or older. No work documentation is necessary. Youth are encouraged to apply!
  • Conversational Korean ability is a strong plus. Fellows should be enthusiastic about community service and must be able to talk with community members in person and over the phone about the importance of voting
  • Fellows must be able to commit to volunteer a minimum of 2 days per week
  • Phonebanking Nights will be Monday through Friday (except Wednesday) from 5:30pm-8:00pm
  • Precinct Walking will take place on Saturdays 9:30am-1:30pm.
  • In order to be selected, applicants must attend a training session on the dates listed below
  • Fellows are volunteers, but fellows who volunteer for three or more weeks will be provided with a stipend of $12/hour
  • In order to receive the full stipend, Campaign Fellows must also recruit 3 volunteers every two weeks or register 20 voters.
  • Anyone can join KRC as a Campaign Fellow regardless of experience, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, or disability.

Important Information

  • Applicants that cannot make a Wednesday Orientation Session can contact Yongho Kim at 323-937-3718 or yongho@krcla.org
  • KRC plans to hire around 10 Campaign Fellows on a rolling basis
  • Applications can be filled out online here at: "Application"

How to apply

  1. Fill out the application online
  2. Attend an orientation (the application includes an orientation signup section)
  3. Once you are notified via email of being accepted into the program, attend the phone banking nights

For inquiries, contact Yongho Kim, Korean Resource Center Director of Digital, at (323) 937-3718 or yongho@krcla.org

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