Claiming Our Democracy – Community Input Sessions

Who We Are
The Greenlining Institute works to bring the American Dream within reach of all, regardless of race or
income. The Claiming Our Democracy Program strives to ensure that communities of color have a voice in
the decisions that affect their lives and can exercise that voice in our democracy. To learn more, visit

What We’re Doing
We are conducting community input sessions with bilingual poll workers or people who served Limited English Proficient voters in any capacity during the November 2014 Election. The purpose of these sessions is to discuss the barriers affecting participation for voters with limited English proficiency and identify solutions to improve access to voting.

Why This Matters
While 72 percent of California’s White population was registered to vote in 2012, only 69 percent of African Americans, 58 percent of Asians, and 57 percent of Hispanics were registered. Language barriers are a primary reason for this disparity in voter turnout and we hope to change that.

This year, Californians will be electing a new Secretary of State (SOS). If we are going to close the gap, we need a Secretary of State who understands the issues. The SOS serves as the chief elections officer, overseeing elections across California. They test and approve all voting equipment, educate California citizens about their voting rights, provide guidance to county election administrators about how to implement new and existing policies concerning language access, and promote voter registration.

From the community input we gather, we will develop a report of findings and recommendations to present to the next Secretary of State and other key decision makers about how to better serve limited-English voters in California.

How You Can Help

We are looking for 10-15 bilingual poll workers or people who served limited-English voters in any other capacity during the November 2014 Election. The Korean session will take place on November 12th and the session for all other languages will take place on November 13th. To participate, please sign up below.

- Korean Language Session
- All Other Languages Session

To Sign Up & For More Information:

Zainab Badi,
Claiming Our Democracy Fellow at
(510) 926-4016 or

Yongho Kim, Korean Resource Center 213-973-3330

Other languages